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Products from Bihl+Wiedemann can be used for various industry sectors and application areas. We offer the appropriate solutions to match your needs.


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AS-Interface Master News (12/2016)

Safely monitor temperatures with the Safety Thermocouple Module

Bihl+Wiedemann now offers a new Safety Thermocouple Module (BWU3271). In contrast to the safety analog input module (BWU2692), which safely monitors two analog signals with 4...20 mA/10 V/Pt100, the Safety Thermocouple Module safely detects temperatures from thermocouples such as in industrial ovens and passes the values through gateways to the process control system.


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Scanautomatic 2016

Besök Bihl+Wiedemann på Scanautomatic 2016, monter B09:22, där vi kommer att presentera en hel rad innovativa produktnyheter. Scanautomatic 2016 äger rum i Göteborg mellan tisdagen den 4 och torsdagen den 6 oktober 2016.


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About Bihl+Wiedemann

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH was founded in 1992 in Mannheim, Germany by Jochen Bihl and Bernhard Wiedemann. The highly specialized engineering firm is among the leading providers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology using AS-Interface.

Automation with AS-Interface

We offer versatile products and solutions in the field of automation technology: AS-Interface masters / gateways, speed monitors, safety I/O modules, bus couplers, safety monitors, products.