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Conveyor- og drevteknologi

Inden for conveyor-teknologien kan AS-i virkelig bruge sine stærkeste sider. Illustrationen herunder giver et overblik over de udgiftssparende løsninger inden for conveyor- og drevteknologien fra Bihl+Wiedemann.

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Drive Solutions with AS-Interface

The internationally standardized AS-Interface (AS-i) wiring system has long become established in materials handling. Countless companies are benefiting from the easy installation, high flexibility and low costs of AS-i.

Controlling DC motors directly

The AS-i motor modules by Bihl+Wiedemann offer a variety of drive solutions. For example, 24 V motor rollers can be controlled directly via AS-i. No additional control unit is required. Motor modules by Bihl+Wiedemann will save you valuable time and costs during commissioning and service.

Decentralised control of AC motors

There is also the option of decentralized control of drives with or without a frequency converter. This flexibility allows for the implementation of new, simpler, system structures. The following example shows how the AS-i modules can be used in real applications.

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Drive Solutions

  • Remote installation, easy maintenance

  • Reliable in use, even in extreme temperatures of up to –30 °C

  • The module connects directly to the AS-i cable, thus saving cable length





    Lenze Smart Motor

    • Connections for up to 2 Lenze Smart Motors

    • Connections for up to 3 sensors

    • Can control up to 5 speeds

    • Easy connection to motors via M12 sockets

      AC motors

      • Control of one MOVIMOT® drive or up to 2 MOVI-SWITCH® motors or up to 2 Lenze Smart Motors per module

      • Up to 3 inputs for sensors

      • Control of start/stop and rotation direction

      • LEDs for direct on-site diagnostics

      • For MOVIMOT® – speed Control:
        • Fixed target speed values, selectable during runtime
        • Easy adjustment of acceleration/deceleration ramps thanks to the higher level control

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        24 V motorized rollers:

        • Itoh Denki (PM500ME/XE/XP, PM605ME/XE/XP)
        • Interroll (EC200, EC300, EC310)
        • RULMECA (RDR BL-2)
        • Rollex (Type 840)

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        DC motors

        • Independent control of 2 roller drives per module

        • Control of start/stop, rotation direction and speed from the higher level control (optionally on the module itself)

        • Up to 4 additional M12 inputs for sensors

        • Also available with integrated UL- approved 3,5 A fuse to protect motor supply

        • Optionally adjustable acceleration ramp

        • Compatible with Interroll, RULMECA, Itoh Denki, Rollex and other 24 V DC roller drives

        • Control irrespective of the motor manufacturer

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          Optimized for the Installation in the Cable Duct

          • Cable duct motor module for 2 × 24 V motorized rollers, for example: Interroll, RULMECA, Itoh Denki, Rollex

          • Speed setting via AS-i parameters

          • Inputs and Outputs in one module
          • Input, 2 × sensor input + 2 × Motor-Fault-Inputs

          • Brake resistor compatible outputs

          • Individual cable length

          • Passive distributor available separately if required

          • No additional connection cable needed

            Application examples

            Use with integrated passive distributor – the easiest way to install.

            Use with separatepassive distributor – for a particularly flexible installation.

            With round cable

            • Extremely flat design (W × H × D: 60 × 45 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts

            • 2 × profile cables for AS-i and AUX connection to round cable
            • Round cable with M12, M8 (angled or straight) or connecting wires
            • High protection rating IP67
            • Optionally with 2 × 1 A self-resetting fuses

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              As profile cable branch

              • Extremely flat design (W × H × D: 60 × 45 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
              • 2 × connections for profile cable
              • AS-i profile cable max. 8 A
              • AUX profile cable max. 16 A or max. 20 A

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                With Push-in terminals

                • Extremely flat design (W × H × D: 60 × 45 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
                • Push-In terminals up to a wire cross-section of 0,5 mm²/AWG20

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                  Optionally with Integrated Fuse

                  Cable protection against short circuits

                  • Optional integrated fuse, either with 4 × 4 A replaceable fuses or with 4 × 1 A self-resetting fuse
                  • Additional protection for connected devices
                  • Reliable protection against short circuits

                    Special assemblies on request

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                    PLC Connection over Gateways

                    • Integration in all commonly used control systems via the respective fieldbus interface
                    • Integrated diagnostics
                    • Available option of integrated Safety Technology
                    • Ethernet diagnostic interface and webserver for remote maintenance
                    • Powered by 24 V or AS-i power supply
                    • Processing of digital and analog modules
                    • Dual masters available for a greater cost savings
                    • Handles up to 124 I/O modules per gateway
                    • Each signal is available in the control system
                    • Graphic display allows for diagnostic feedback

                      Safety Components

                      Simple wiring of safety devices

                      • Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor
                      • Standard and safety signals on the same wire
                      • Easy safety configuration software per drag and drop
                      • Simulation software available
                      • Safe Link between different gateways
                      • Up to 1922 safety inputs
                      • Certified muting function block
                      • Wide range of safety I/O modules available
                      • Safe speed monitoring, positioning and stand still


                        • Easy integration of the drives in the control
                        • Inputs for the sensors
                        • Optimum wiring for motors and sensors
                        • Protection class up to IP67
                        • Easy control of start / stop, direction of rotation and speed for motor roller drives and frequency inverters
                        • Easy and quick installation system
                        • Big savings in wiring cost and time

                        Questions about our products and solutions?