Self-configuring I/O Modules – flexible, fine-grained, cost-effective

Discover our new product family of self-configuring I/O modules. We currently provide modules with 4, 8 and 16 digital signals, which can be used bidirectionally as inputs or outputs. This allows many different applications to be implemented with the same module – simplifying planning and spare parts management.

Alternative to IO-Link hubs and Ethernet I/O blocks


The ability to configure 16 I/Os is a great alternative to comparable Ethernet or IO-Link-based I/O solutions. You not only save on the module price but also on the wiring costs. Furthermore, you benefit from a channel-specific diagnostics feature that gives you a detailed overview, even if many inputs and outputs are present.

Fig.: The self-configuring I/O modules are available with 16 I/Os (BWU4230, BWU4231, BWU3884), with 8 I/Os (BWU4232, BWU4233) and with 4 I/Os (BWU4727).

The self-configuring I/O Modules at a glance:

  • Sensors and actuators can be connected in any combination; offering you the possibility of having 2 signals per M12 connection
  • An optional assignment of a fixed configuration of inputs and outputs is also possible using our software
  • No M12 ports go unused thanks to  a product portfolio that offers options from 4 I/Os to 16 I/Os
  • 16 inputs/outputs with ASi-5 in 1.27 ms
  • Cost-effective and fast collection of many inputs and outputs
  • Various connection types – the ASi/AUX connection is made via profile cable, M12 connector or push-in terminal, depending on the  module used

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