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AS-Interface Master / Gateways

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Bihl+Wiedemann specialize in the development of AS-i Masters and Gateways for the most commonly used bus systems. Using a Bihl+Wiedemann solution, you will benefit from the unique features such as the comprehensive diagnsotics capabilities in plain text via display, duplicate address detection , use of “1 Gateway, 1 power supply for 2 AS-i networks”

and the integrated Safety Monitors for AS-i Safety at Work.

AS-Interface Modules / Slaves

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AS-Interface Modules/Slaves connect standard actuators and sensors to AS-i and therefore efficiently and cost-effectively to the controller/PLC. AS-i modules have a varying number of inputs and outputs and are available for installation in an enclosure (IP20) or for use in the field (IP65/IP67). For field use the user benefits from the special piercing technology which makes conventional wiring obsolete. 

Safety Components

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In addition to the efficient transmission of standard data from the field to the controller/PLC, AS-i safety at Work technology makes it possible to send safe signals up to PLe over the same 2-conductor AS-i cable. This means safe I/Os can be checked and turned off right where the signal originates. The transmission of safe and non-safe signals over a single two-conductor cable immensely minimizes wiring while further optimizing the network layout.

Bus Couplers / Master Simulators

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Thanks to the wealth of our experience with Gateways and bus couplers you will find at Bihl+Wiedemann a variety of “special solutions” for various coupling requirements. Our Master simulators not only make it possible to test the Gateway functionality of our AS-i Masters. You can also test associated slaves without having to write code for complicated controller programs. For example our PROFIBUS Master simulator can be used to work with any PROFIBUS slaves using any desired .gsd file and even carry out automated checking using Windows dll files, whether the data are cyclic or acyclic. Many of our customers are themselves manufacturers of PROFIBUS slaves and greatly appreciate the simplicity and universality of our Master simulators.


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In addition to the AS-i Masters and slaves Bihl+Wiedemann also offers all the needed accessories for your AS-i circuit. Particular expertise lies behind our network extension tools, which you can use to extend your AS-i circuit beyond the usual 100m to as much as 1000m.


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We apply a great deal of our AS-i expertise in providing you with the best possible configuration tools for AS-i Masters and Safety Monitors. With our AS-i Control Tools you have all the important test and configuration possibilities for your AS-i circuit clearly organized on your PC. Our ASIMON360 software is the right configuration software for “AS-i Safety at Work.” With it you can simply and easily create your AS-i configurations directly on the computer using clear multi-window interfaces.


Control III allows you to turn our AS-i Masters into mini-PLCs. Software programmed in C allows pre-processing to be performed right in the gateway. In many applications the gateway can also be used as a stand-alone device, completely doing away with the need for a PLC. Our Ethernet-based devices also come with a Web server which enables remote diagnostics and maintenance even with computers not having pre-installed software.


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In addition to hard- and software from Bihl+Wiedemann you can also count on our support with product training classes, commissioning and employee training. If we do not have the right AS-i product already, we will support you with our engineering capabilities to develop the right solution from the first concepts to a fully certified AS-i product.