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AS-i provides diverse drive solutions

A variety of motor control approaches can be implemented with AS-i. Bihl+Wiedemann offers the right drive solution for a wide range of applications. In conveyor systems and material handling, for example, AS-i truly shows its strengths: simple installation, high flexibility and low costs.

Efficiently control 24 V DC motors

Our AS-i modules let you control 24 V DC motors for example. They are available with IP67 protection class as well as for installation in a cable duct. With these modules you can not only use the digital outputs to determine the rotation direction of the motors, but the module versions with analog outputs even let you control the motor speeds. In addition to the application in material handling and drive technology, AS-i modules are also ideal in building automation for tasks like controlling chain drives of skylight domes.

Fig. 1: AS-i motor module for 24 V DC motors, with IP67 protection (left: BWU3551, center: BWU3501) and optimized for cable duct (right: BWU3278)

Controlling AC motors

In addition to motor modules for motorized rollers, Bihl+Wiedemann also offers decentralized control solutions for AC motors in drive technology. AS-i modules optimized for cable ducts offer here great flexibility for unrestricted system design. They let you control for example SEW MOVIMOT® or Lenze Smart Motors efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fig. 2: Cable duct AS-i motor module, IP54, M12 for SEW frequency converter, 2 inputs (BW3406)

All signals on one cable

Thanks to AS-Interface you can not only provide motor control but also send standard or safety signals over the same cable. This reduces the wiring effort and can reduce costs.

Fig. 3: Conveyor and drive technology with AS-Interface

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