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ASi Safety enhances the PacDrive 3 world

Now you can also profit from the great benefits of AS-i Safety in your PacDrive 3 application. With our new AS-i Sercos Gateway (BWU2984) you can now link into your Schneider Electric automation solution both standard AS-i and AS-i Safety.


The gateway features two AS-i circuits and acts in the PacDrive 3 application as a Sercos slave. It exchanges safety data with the Schneider safety controller (Slave Logic Controller, SLC). This greatly simplifies the safety technology for this kind of solution.

Fig.: Integration of Standard AS-i and AS-i Safety components in PacDrive 3 with the AS-i Sercos Gateway (BWU2984)

Safe data transmission to the SLC

The safety monitor integrated into the gateway monitors the safety technology in both AS-i circuits and passes the safety data to the SLC. If for example an E-STOP button is pressed in one of the AS-i circuits, the gateway reports this to the safety controller. This can cause the servomotor to be directly shut down.

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