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AS-i/AS-i Couplers – For easy and flexible data exchange between two controllers

AS-i/AS-i couplers from Bihl+Wiedemann are the ideal solution for exchanging AS-i data between two controllers, for example to report operating conditions. Depending on the requirement between 4 and 248 bits can be sent bi-directionally. Transmission over the robust AS-i network means taking advantage of all the AS-Interface benefits.

Fig.1: AS-i/AS-i coupler IP20 (BWU3486)

Data exchange using slip rings

AS-i by definition requires no shielding and is therefore ideal combined with the AS-i/AS-i coupler for data exchange between different controllers using slip rings.

Fig.2: AS-Interface using slide contacts

Data exchange between different fieldbus systems

The AS-i/AS-i couplers enable data exchange between two controllers regardless of the fieldbus systems used.

Fig.3: Easy data exchange regardless of the fieldbus used

Advantages of AS-i/AS-i couplers – overview

  • Low wiring and component costs
  • Simple, economical solution
  • Selectable number of slaves and bandwidth
  • Robust, simple data exchange using slip rings

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