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For fast applications: Safe Link – Now configurable with additional options

Now there are additional setting options in ASIMON360 for Safe Link

Safe Link is a technology in the gateways with integrated safety monitor and the Safety Basis Monitors with Ethernet interface which makes safe signals available to all devices in the network.

Fig. 1: Safe Link – the simplest way to safely couple many signals

Additional setting options in ASIMON360

Although the setting options in the ASIMON360 software for Safe Link used to be limited, now it is possible to select not only the “Standard“ option but also choose between “Augmented reliability“ and “Fast“, which is optimized for short worst-case turn-off times.

Fig. 2: Safe Link with expanded setting options in ASIMON360

The setting options at a glance

  • “Standard“ - Standard mode has been shown to a good solution which is optimized both for speed and for availability of the signals and communication between the individual slaves.
  • “Augmented reliability“ - This setting is optimized for maximum availability and allows a high error tolerance, i.e. delayed messages from the devices, such as in high traffic load WLAN systems, are allowed. This enables the system tolerance to be increased at the expense of worst-case response time.
  • “Fast“ - The new “Fast“ option is optimized for short worst-case turn-off times, which reduces the safety response time through Safe Link by approx. 25% (currently available for the following models: BWU3160, BWU2828).


The worst-case turn-off time is then always shown in the release protocol in of ASIMON.

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