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Direct control of Festo valves using AS-Interface

Bihl+Wiedemann has developed the active distributor BWU3577 with integrated ASi chip especially for controlling Festo valves CPE14 / VUVG-L14. Use it to easily incorporate Festo valves into the ASi network using pre-assembled M8 cables .


The especially compact form factor is optimized for the cable duct and allows you to create individual cable routing scenarios . Since the voltage is provided from ASi, no separate cable needs to be routed for power supply. And the physical separation of valve and module makes it simple to replace components.


Other advantages: you can connect valves with a high standard nominal flow rate – and depending on the configuration even a larger amount of them. In addition, the distributor is especially flexible and attractively priced .

Fig.: Active distributor BWU3577 for controlling Festo valves CPE14 / VUVG-L14

Features of the new active distributor for Festo valves (BWU3577)

  • Control of 2 × 5/2 directional valves or 1 × 5/3 directional valve as well as 4 sensors (optimized for Festo valves type CPE14 and VUVG-L14)
  • Especially flat form factor, optimized for cable ducts (B × H × T: 60 × 45 × 35 mm)
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • In- & output voltage provided from ASi
  • Connection of ASi using profile cable
  • Connection of periphery using 6 × M8 socket (straight, 4-pin)
  • Protection rating IP67

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