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Direct control of Festo valves using AS-Interface

Bihl+Wiedemann has developed the active distributorBWU3577 with integrated AS-i chip especially for controlling Festo valves CPE14 / VUVG-L14. Use it to easily incorporate Festo valves into the AS-i network using pre-assembled M8 cables.


The especially compact form factor is optimized for the cable duct and allows you to create individual cable routing scenarios. Since the voltage is provided from AS-i, no separate cable needs to be routed for power supply. And the physical separation of valve and module makes it simple to replace components.


Other advantages: you can connect valves with a high standard nominal flow rate – and depending on the configuration even a larger amount of them. In addition, the distributor is especially flexible and attractively priced.

Fig.: Active distributor BWU3577 for controlling Festo valves CPE14 / VUVG-L14

Features of the new active distributor for Festo valves (BWU3577)

  • Control of 2 × 5/2 directional valves or 1 × 5/3 directional valve as well as 4 sensors (optimized for Festo valves type CPE14 and VUVG-L14)
  • Especially flat form factor, optimized for cable ducts (B × H × T: 60 × 45 × 35 mm)
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • In- & output voltage provided from AS-i
  • Connection of AS-i using profile cable
  • Connection of periphery using 6 × M8 socket (straight, 4-pin)
  • Protection rating IP67

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