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Simple muting – all needed signals in one single module

The new AS-i Safety I/O Modules allow you to connect all the signals needed for muting to just one module. Profit from a space-saving solution with many in- and outputs. The module is also simple and highly flexible to configure.


Another advantage: If you have already been combining AS-i with “non-AS-i“ muting switching devices, you will be able to use our new modules to convert all your muting to a uniform technology. This saves costs in commissioning, maintenance and service.

Fig.: AS-i Safety I/O Modules (BW3489, BW3490, BW3499)

The new AS-i Safety I/O Modules in detail

  • Up to 8 two-channel safe inputs (SIL3, PLe)
  • Up to 2 release circuits (2 × fast redundant electronic safety outputs)
  • Connection of periphery using 8 × M12 socket (5-pin)
  • Memory plug for storing configuration data
  • Connection of AS-i and AUX using profile cable (BW3490)
  • Connection of AS-i using profile cable (BW3489)
  • Connection of AS-i using M12 socket (BW3499)

Safety signal inputs

  • Floating contacts
  • Optoelectronic protective devices
  • Complementary switch

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