Product life cycle at Bihl+Wiedemann

At Bihl+Wiedemann, innovative products are regularly created as a result of new requirements and the experience gained in your applications. Furthermore, existing products are also optimized and enhanced with future-proof features, such as the implementation of an integrated web server. But what happens to products that may no longer be technically up-to-date? Below you can find out more about the product classification at Bihl+Wiedemann.

Latest devices for new installations

If you want to implement a new project or set up a new installation, we always recommend the latest devices. You can find these active articles in the respective product selectors on our website. Here you can easily filter by your desired characteristics and thus find the right device for you. If the right device for you is not yet included, please feel free to contact us.

Existing products

Are you already using a Bihl+Wiedemann device that has been established on the market for some time in your existing installation and would like to reorder it? You can easily search for and reorder this device via the article number in the web store. Existing products are still available and can be reordered even after a long time, they do not get an obsolescence status. The documentation related to this device is still available on the website, it is just maintained to a lesser extent as compared to new articles.

No product discontinuations

At Bihl+Wiedemann we do not usually discontinue any article!

Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether your product will be out of stock or available for delivery in the foreseeable future. In most cases we have single items in stock, which we can send to you directly in urgent cases. We produce other articles only on request and therefore in smaller quantities.

In the rare case that no components can be procured on the market or they cannot be replaced in an exchange-compatible way, then we will consequently be forced to discontinue the article. In these special individual cases we inform our existing customers and give them the possibility to place a last order.

Even if a device has had to be discontinued or is temporarily unavailable, you will still receive our support and documentation. We also try to repair single items.

Replacing a device is this easy

Watch the following Quick Start Guide and Video "Replacing a defective device", to see how easy it is to commission your installation again with the spare part.