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What is AS-Interface?

AS-Interface is a globally standardized fieldbus system (EN 50295 and IEC 62026-2). It is a system that links sensors and actuators to a controller over a common data transmission path.


Data and power through a single cable

The abbreviation AS-i stands for Actuator-Sensor Interface. This interface connects the modules in the lowest process level in automation systems with each other. The usual cable trees are replaced here by a single electrical cable – the AS-i cable. This cable carries both data and power.




The four AS-i components

Leading manufacturers around the world support this simple wiring system. It consists of four components: the master, the slaves, a power supply and the yellow AS-i cable. Each slave has a unique address assigned to it which the master used to exchange in- and output data.


Power for AS-i

AS-i modules are generally powered by an additional power supply having a rating of 30 Volts.


Small systems can eliminate the power supply

Bihl+Wiedemann now offers masters which can be connected to already present standard 24 V power supplies, without the need for an additional AS-i power supply. This is an ideal solution for small machines having three to 15 slaves and a maximum cable length of 50 meters.