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ASi lines longer than 100 m

Options for line extension with Bihl+Wiedemann

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ASi Repeater

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ASi Tuner

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ASi Bus Termination

Profit from the variety of ways to extend ASi cable runs to 1000 m for example. Use the ASi Bus Termination, ASi Tuner and ASi Repeaters to extend the range of the ASi network flexibly and cost-effectively.

Splitting into several Segments

  • Dividing the ASi cable into multiple 100 m networks with their own Master and own power supply or by using double masters
  • Short ASi cables minimize interference susceptibility
  • Retains all the advantages of a 100 m ASi network
  • Not possible without an upper bus system

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Refreshing the signal using ASi Repeaters

  • Extending the ASi cable by up to 100 m using ASi repeaters
  • Heavily saturated EMC areas can then be bridged
  • ASi repeater causes a slight time delay in each telegram

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Reflection signal attenuation using the ASi Bus Termination

  • Very simple and cost-effective solutions using ASi Bus Termination 
  • Possible network extension by up to 100 m
  • ASi network should be checked at commissioning using the Software for Diagnostics, Service and Release Measurements ( BW2902 )

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ASi Tuner and ASi Diagnostic Tuner

  • Extending the ASi cable by 200 m using the ASi Tuner or ASi Diagnostics Tuner
  • Individual optimization of the network impedance
  • Optical display of the network signal quality: continuous monitoring

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Very long ASi cables by combining ASi Repeaters and ASi Bus Terminations

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Benefits of circuit extension with Bihl+Wiedemann

  • Simple and cost-effective solution with an ASi Bus Termination
  • Independent power supply thanks to galvanic separation
  • ASi cable runs with a length of for example 1000 m using ASi Repeaters and ASi Bus Terminations

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The standardized fieldbus system AS-Interface (ASi) helps you drastically reduce your wiring complexity. You also benefit from free choice of topology and cost-effective integration of safety features on the same infrastructure.

ASi Repeaters Are Also Available in the Web Shop

Here you will find ASi repeaters for installation in the switching cabinet and in IP67 for cable extension up to 1000 m. They are best suited to meet more stringent EMC requirements.

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