ASi lines longer than 100 m

Options for line extension with Bihl+Wiedemann

Profit from the variety of ways to extend ASi cable runs to 1000 m for example. Use the ASi Bus Termination, ASi Tuner and ASi Repeaters to extend the range of the ASi network flexibly and cost-effectively.

Splitting into several segments

  • Dividing the ASi cable into multiple 100 m networks with their own Master and own power supply or by using double masters
  • Short ASi cables minimize interference susceptibility
  • Retains all the advantages of a 100 m ASi network
  • Not possible without an upper bus system

Very long ASi cables by combining ASi Repeaters and ASi Bus Terminations

Refreshing the signal using ASi Repeaters

  • Extending the ASi cable by up to 100 m using ASi repeaters
  • Heavily saturated EMC areas can then be bridged
  • ASi repeater causes a slight time delay in each telegram

Benefits of circuit extension with Bihl+Wiedemann

  • Simple and cost-effective solution with an ASi Bus Termination
  • Independent power supply thanks to galvanic separation
  • ASi cable runs with a length of for example 1000 m using ASi Repeaters and ASi Bus Terminations

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