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Integrate a wide variety of IO-Link devices with us - topology-free, maximally convenient and with greatly reduced wiring effort. For example, with the 1-port IO-Link master completely supplied from ASi or the 8-port IO-Link master, which is extremely cost-effective per port. We will be happy to show you how well ASi-5 and IO-Link fit together at Bihl+Wiedemann at our stand in Hall 9.

Self-Configuring I/O Modules

"Self-configuring" means: If you set an output bit in the PLC output data, it is an output with a diagnostic feedback in the corresponding input bit. If you do not set an output bit in the PLC output data, it is automatically mapped as an input signal in the PLC input data. This allows many different applications to be realized with the same module.

Drive Technology

Combine ASi-5 and ASi-3 drive solutions to always have the perfect mix for any requirement. With our ASi-5 motor modules, for example, you can efficiently control 24 V and 48 V motorised rollers - e.g. from Interroll, Itoh Denki and RULMECA. For frequency converters, we offer solutions for SEW, Nord, Lenze, Rockwell and Bonfiglioli, among others. With ASi-5, even complex requirements in the drive world can be solved excellently.

Safety Technology

The use of our products in safety technology has many advantages. On the one hand, we have the right products for every size of system. On the other hand, they have functions that enable the safe coupling Safe Link of ASi networks with each other and an optimal connection to the control system via all common fieldbus systems.

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he Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2021 was a massive success! AME 2021 saw just under 3000 total bodies on site and over 5700 lead generated! Take a look at what AME 2021 had to offer (video below) and get ready for AME 2022!! All three previous hall sponsors return for 2022 as well. Automation , Mechanical and Metal Working Hall all bringing in the best of the best within each of their halls!  (©


Advanced Manufacturing Expo, August 11-12, 2022

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