Competitive advantages using controller-neutral safety technology

Are you using different fieldbus systems for identical peripherals? Relieve the burden from your host controller and the corresponding fieldbuses using controller-neutral safety technology from Bihl+Wiedemann.

Simple safety and wiring technology

Our systems are wired using a simple, two-conductor cable in any topology. This provides ease of handling, prevents wiring mistakes and can be easily expanded. With respect to host systems our safety and wiring technology can be used regardless of the system or manufacturer and enables simple, fast and economical commissioning.

Experience shows that the savings of over 50% can be expected in terms of construction, wiring and startup.

Fig.1: Controller-neutral safety technology from Bihl+Wiedemann

Features of controller-neutral safety technology

Processing of:

  • Safety analog values

  • Speed monitoring

  • 2-channel potential-free contacts

  • OSSD inputs

Control of:

  • Safety electronic outputs

  • Safety relay outputs

  • Safety drives


The advantages of controller-neutral safety technology

  • Uncomplicated IP67 installation
  • Freely selectable topology
  • Use of different fieldbus systems with identical peripherals
  • Simple linking of system-wide safety signals (Safe Link)

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