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Passive and active distributors

Active distributors have the AS-i slave integrated in the distributor

Whether active or passive: When it’s about powering sensors and actuators, the newest distributor generation from Bihl+Wiedemann offers the ideal solution for any system concept. The AS-i technology can be implemented in the sensor (BW3246) or in the distributor (BW3248, BW3249).

Fig.1: Difference between passive distributor (left, BW3246) and active distributor (right, BW3248, BW3249)

The new passive distributors and active distributors are available in various versions.

  • With 5 × M12 sockets and LED display (passive only)

  • With 2 × M12 sockets and LED display (passive only)

  • With round cable

  • With Push-In terminals

  • As profile cable branch

Line protection for short circuits in the passive distributor

Fig.2: Optionally with integrated fuse

Integrated fuse provides line protection in case of short circuits

  • Optionally with integrated fuse, either with 4 × 4 A replaceable fuses or with 4 × 1A self-resetting fuse

  • Additional protection for connected devices

  • Reliable protection against short circuits

Special assemblies on request