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New ASi DeviceNet Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor

Modern safety technology from Bihl+Wiedemann for DeviceNet systems

The new ASi DeviceNet Gateway ( BWU2972 ) in IP20 with integrated safety monitor and 6 safety outputs is especially suited for use in medium-size and large applications. As with all other ASi Gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann, the new ASi DeviceNet Gateway allows safety diagnostics in real-time over DeviceNet.

Fig.: ASi-3 DeviceNet Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor ( BWU2972 )

ASi-3 DeviceNet Gateway in detail

  • 1 ASi Master, DeviceNet Slave
  • Up to 32 release circuits, up to 6 release circuits SIL 3, Cat. 4 integrated in the monitor
  • Decentral ASi outputs are supported
  • Applications up to category 4/PLe/SIL 3
  • Chip card for storage of configuration data
  • Safe coupling Safe Link over Ethernet fieldbus diagnostics interface
  • 12 terminals can be configured as desired, e.g.
    • as 6 safe output plus 3 safe two-channel inputs, or
    • as 6 safe two-channel inputs, or
    • as standard inputs, or
    • any combination

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