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The Motor Module for SEW frequency inverter optimized for use in the cable duct!

The motor moduleby Bihl+Wiedemann for SEW frequency inverter (BW3406) has been optimized for the use in the cable duct. This type of installation is made possible by the very flat (W × H × D: 90 × 60 × 18 mm) design.  

Fig.: Cable Duct ASi Motor Module, IP54, M12 for SEW frequency inverter, 2I ( BW3406 )

The new Cable Duct ASi Motor Module in detail

  • ASi Slave for SEW frequency inverter
  • Control of a MOVIMOT® drive: start/stop, rotation direction, speed, 2 different acceleration ramps (new)
  • Optimized for installation in the cable duct by very flat design of the motor module (W × H × D: 90 × 60 × 18 mm) and passive distributor (W × H × D: 60 × 45 × 19 mm)
  • Mixed in- and output slave
  • Sensors supplied out of ASi
  • Motors supplied out of AUX (24 V auxiliary power)
Of course, we also offer modifications to adapt to drives made by other manufacturers. Just contact us.

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