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The software solution PROFINET Master Simulator Plus with DLL

With the PROFINET Master Simulator Plus DLL Kit (BW3649) you can test and simulate PROFINET slaves while profiting from the incorporated program library DLL. This pure software solution makes it possible to use the PROFIsafe and PROFINET interfaces from your own programs. The result is complete freedom in designing and implementing automated tests and demonstrations.

Fig.: The PROFINET Master Simulator is now also available with the program library DLL (BW3649) for incorporating PROFINET and PROFIsafe into your own programs.

Benefits of the PROFINET Master Simulator Plus DLL Kit

    • Universal testing and presentation of PROFINET slaves without having to write complicated PLC codes.
    • DLL incorporated into your own programs increases flexibility in:
      • The user interface
      • Automated and specialized tests and demonstrations
    • Pure software solution
    • Testing the Gateway functionality of Bihl+Wiedemann
    • Testing of slaves in installations
    • Presentation of the fieldbus functionality of your own devices
    • Development of PROFINET slaves
    • PROFIsafe functionality

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