Diagnostics With Bihl+Wiedemann – as Easy and User-Friendly as ASi

Find out on our website how to conveniently commission ASi networks, reliably maintain them and troubleshoot errors - that seldom occure with ASi - quickly and easily. For this purpose, we offer numerous hardware and software tools that we continuously optimize for you.

Simple Commissioning

Read here how our intuitive software guides you step by step through commissioning and how you can configure all our products simply with a click of the mouse. For this purpose, we provide you the improved ASi Control Tools360 (for standard hardware) and ASIMON360 (for functionally safe applications).

Reliable Maintenance

Discover here our diagnostic tools that help you continuously check the actual state of your ASi network. They enable you, for example, to react at an early stage to deteriorating transfer characteristics and to take preventive measures as part of predictive maintenance.

Fig.: The diagnostic software is included in the Bihl+Wiedemann Suite (BW2902) and in the Bihl+Wiedemann Safety Suite (BW2916, BW3065).

Rapid Troubleshooting

Here you will discover, among other things, five steps for troubleshooting and error rectification in ASi networks. You will see how our diagnostic software turns any commercially available PC into an ASi diagnostic device. A further plus point of the diagnostic software: In addition to a precise description of the error, it always provides you with concrete suggestions for solutions.

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