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PROFINET Master Simulator

The PROFINET Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with PROFINET Slaves of many suppliers.


PROFINET Master Simulators can exchange data with many PROFINET slaves without a PROFINET master. Furthermore, the PROFINET Master Simulators also enable the use of GSD files and the entry of special configurations for starting data exchange with PROFINET slaves. Identification, renaming and address assignment of PROFINET slaves is also possible.

PROFINET Master Simulator - Product overview

Monitoring software

Figure Type PROFIsafe Log function of I/O data Sending of acyclic data DLL Installation options Article No.
BW4754PROFINET Master Simulatoryesyesyesnosingle-user license or floating license
BW4755PROFINET Master Simulatoryesyesyesyessingle-user license or floating license
BW3035PROFINET Master Simulatornonononosingle-user license



PROFINET Master Simulator - Application area and function description

Application area

  • Commissioning of PROFINET slaves
  • Test of in- and output data of PROFINET Slaves


Function description

With the PROFINET Master Simulator PROFINET Slaves can be detected and configured on the network (device name, IP configuration):


  • The RT in- and output data can be defined using the GSD file and the PROFINET Slave can be included in the data exchange
  • The output data for PROFINET Slave can be set.
  • Occurring alarms are listed and (if supported by the GSD) issued as readable text message.

Advantages of PROFINET Master Simulators

  • Data exchange with PROFINET slaves from almost all manufacturers
  • Data exchange with PROFINET slaves without PROFINET master
  • Use of GSD files


PROFINET Master Simulator Plus

  • Supports additionally PROFIsafe modules
  • Supports a log function of the I/O data
  • Sending of acyclic data


PROFINET Master Simulator Plus DLL Kit

  • PROFINET and PROFIsafe operation by integrating the interfaces into your own programs
  • High flexibility in the design and implementation of automated tests and demonstrations


Safety Monitor Simulator

Bihl+Wiedemann's Safety Suite includes the safety monitor simulator. It enables the testing of existing ASIMON360 configurations on simulated hardware.