New software for diagnostics, service and approval measurements

The operational availability of systems and machines is becoming more and more a factor in competitiveness. The new software for diagnostics, service and release measurements from Bihl+Wiedemann (BW2902) allows expensive downtime to be further minimized through targeted measures (preventive maintenance). Errors can be detected before they result in costly failures. In addition to the error message, the user is given instructions to make the elimination of the problem easier. Additional measurement data facilitate even better technical support. Handling of the software is as simple and intuitive as using a smartphone app.

Fig.: Software for diagnostics, service and approval measurements ( BW2902 ) and ASi Masters from Bihl+Wiedemann.

Technical requirements for using the software

  • Your Bihl+Wiedemann ASi Master
    - with Ethernet diagnostic interface
    - with diagnostics over Ethernet fieldbus (e.g. PROFINET, EtherNet/IP)
    - with serial diagnostic interface
    - with USB interface
    - as Rockwell-Master
  • Connection cable appropriate to the ASi Master

The Software in detail

  • Assists machine and systems builder (among other things by creating an acceptance report at commissioning), maintenance personnel and customers in
    their own diagnostics and fault elimination.
  • Fault prevention and faster fault elimination saves time and money
  • PC-assisted measurement using existing hardware
  • Intuitive user interface for simple and easy operation
  • Assistance can be provided by Bihl+Wiedemann technical support


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