Diagnostic data with the Safety Basic Monitor

The Safety Basic Monitor offers – similar to our ASi Gateways – comprehensive diagnostic data, which is available via Modbus TCP. For example, information on the status of the ASi master and the safety monitor can be easily transferred to the higher-level control.

Safe small control

The Safety Basic Monitor

For small applications with three or more safe signals, we offer the Safety Basic Monitor, a safe small control without gateway, but with configurable signal outputs. The ASi Safety Module is universally expandable and is also suitable as a head station for special safety applications.


  • Cost-effective variant for small applications
  • Safe small control
  • Large range of functions
  • Easily expandable via ASi
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Simple coupling to other systems
  • Programmable via PC
  • Max. 31 safe modules per device
  • Width of Safety Basic Monitor: 22.5 mm

BWU2852 | Safety Basic Monitor with extended features

  • 1 ASi-3 Master
  • Safe Link
  • ModbusTCP diagnostic
  • Safety compact controller with safety inputs and outputs
  • Safety standstill/speed monitor for up to 3 axes