First ASi-5/ASi-3 Fieldbus Gateways with integrated ASi-5/ASi-3 Safety Monitor

With the new ASi-5/ASi-3 Safety Gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann, ASi-5 Safety can be easily integrated into existing applications in the future. It is then possible to use both safe and non-safe signals under one address. And the new chip card generation now offers space for the full documentation of a complete project configured and parameterized using ASIMON360.

New product family of I/O Modules– Security of supply even in large quantities

Supply interruptions for components remain a great challenge in automation technology that are not likely to improve in the short term. To ensure that Bihl+Wiedemann customers will even in the future be able to procure I/O modules in sufficient quantities, the company has developed a new product family. When designing the new I/O modules attention was paid to two points in particular: on the one hand only components that are available in large quantities even in challenging procurement markets were used, and on the other hand the modules were developed based on a high-performance yet cost-effective technology. This allows them to be produced efficiently in large quantities for assured availability – and at attractive prices as “Bihl+Wiedemann’s Choice“ articles. The new I/O modules are designed so that they can be used in many different applications, thereby greatly simplifying order and spare parts management. As input modules they feature from four to 16 inputs, which depending on the module can be supplied at up to 2000 mA out of AUX or up to maximum 120 mA out of ASi. When used as output modules with four to 16 outputs up to 1 A per output can be switched.

More about die product family of I/O Modules

ASi-5 Modules with integrated IO-Link Master

ASi-5 and ASi-3 Motor Modules for 24 V and 48 V motorized rollers in new cable duct housing and in IP67

To control 24 V and 48 V motorized rollers via ASi-5 and ASi-3 Bihl+Wiedemann offers a wide range of motor modules. Complementing the two ASi-5 Motor Modules BWU4212 and BWU4246 n IP67 housing for controlling two each 48 V or 24 V motorized rollers type Interroll EC5000 AI and other ASi-3 modules for roller drives made by other manufacturers such as Itoh Denki, Rollex or RULMECA, the company has added a new product family in a special IP54 enclosure for installation in cable ducts. All modules are connected to ASi and AUX using the profile cable. The motorized rollers are supplied out of AUX via M8 cable sockets, the inputs for connecting sensors are supplied out of ASi.

Now available for Interroll drives are ASi-5 Cable Duct Modules for controlling 4 x 48 V motorized rollers (BWU4894), 4 x 24 V motorized rollers (BWU4893), 2 x 48 V motorized rollers (BWU4726, BWU4721) and 2 x 24 V motorized rollers (BWU4722) as well as an ASi-3 Module for 2 x 24 V motorized rollers (BWU4768). For Itoh Denki roller drives the Bihl+Wiedemann range currently includes an ASi-5 Motor Module (BWU4739) as well as two ASi-3 Modules (BWU4942, BWU4769) for controlling 2 x 24 V motorized rollers each.

ASi-5 and ASi-3 Motor Modules for DC motors and frequency inverters

DC motors and frequency inverters from leading manufacturers can also be controlled directly via ASi. The Bihl+Wiedemann range also offers a large selection of ASi-5 and ASi-3 motor modules for various requirements. When performance parameters such as speed, acceleration and braking behaviour as well as expanded diagnostics are required during operation, DC motors and frequency inverters can be efficiently controlled today using ASi-5. Here, in addition to solutions for Lenze and SEW MOVI-C, Bihl+Wiedemann's range also includes ASi-5 Motor Modules in IP67 with four M12 connections for controlling one of the following drives each: SEW MOVIMOT (BWU4068), NORD NORDAC frequency inverter (BWU4371), ebm-papst K4 (BWU4370), Rockwell PF525 (BWU4369) and Bonfiglioli DGM/DGM-R (BWU4388). Whereas the drives and the two additional digital outputs are supplied via a separate AUX profile cable, the ASi profile cable is used for data transmission and supply voltage for the four additional inputs used to connect additional sensors. Yet another ASi-5 Module for controlling a SEW MOVIMOT is the BWU4377 a module in IP67 with four digital inputs which is supplied fully out of ASi. If a binary control of a SEW MOVIMOT is required for less complex functions such as start/stop, left-right run or open/close, this can be implemented cost-effectively using the following ASi-3 modules: the out of ASi supplied Modules BWU3135 with additional two inputs plus an output, and BWU2912 with two additional inputs as well as its AUX supplied counterpart BWU2956.

First modules for ASi-5 Safety

With their two Inputs Modules BWU4209 for floating contacts and BWU4210 for optoelectronic protective devices Bihl+Wiedemann presented the first products using ASi-5 Safety technology at the Hannover Fair. ASi-5 Safety runs in parallel on the same profile cable and is the ideal addition for ASi Safety at Work when for example multiple safe signals or a combination of safe and non-safe signals need to be sent.

Both ASi-5 Safety Modules with protection category IP67 have two safe two-channel inputs and 12 self-configuring I/Os for non-safe signals. Depending on the need this allows a wide variety of applications to be realized, such as an extremely cost-effective connection between ASi and a control panel with multiple illuminated buttons, an E-Stop button and a safe key switch. In the future, the range will be successively extended so that one module each will be available for two floating contacts, for two optoelectronic protective devices and for the combination of floating contact/OSSD: as IP67 field module with four additional standard inputs and outputs as well as IP20 control cabinet module, IP67 field module and PCB module with 12 additional standard inputs and outputs each.

More about ASi-5 Safety

ASi-5/ASi-3 Address Programming Device from Bihl+Wiedemann

To incorporate ASi devices from any generation in the field simply into ASi networks, Bihl+Wiedemann has developed a modern ASi-5/ASi-3 Handheld Address Programming Device. Optimized for easy addressing of ASi-3 and ASi-5 modules, the device features an OLED color display, six rugged buttons for ease of operation, and a durable, powerful energy storage component (supercapacitor) for quick charging with simultaneous use. The Handheld Address Programming Device can be fully charged in around 30 minutes, and using the included addressing cable, ASi addresses (ASi-3) and node numbers (ASi-5) for 70 modules can be assigned after just ten minutes of charging time. Charging uses a standard USB-C interface which also serves as a PC interface for connecting to the Bihl+Wiedemann software suites. This interface can also be used for firmware updates, for example to expand the function scope.

More about the ASi-5/ASi-3 Address Programming Device

ASi-5 Module with eight integrated IO-Link Master Ports

With its eight IO-Link master ports class A the ASi-5 Module BWU4386 from Bihl+Wiedemann is not only an economical alternative to comparable Ethernet-based fieldbus modules or IO hubs, but is also significantly more flexible to use, since each of the eight IO-Link master ports class A also provides a standard I/O signal. Pin 2 on the five-pole M12 port socket can be used to configure an additional in- or output – conveniently using the company’s software suite.





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