AS-Interface Master/Gateways


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By using the ASi Gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann, you can transmit digital and analog data, that has been read remotely through ASi modules, to the host controller, and send the output signals from the host controller to the actuators over the respective bus system.

Our ASi Gateways communicate according to the ASi-3 resp. ASi-5 standard, and therefore ensure optimal data exchange. The Gateways are easily and quickly installed and commissioned.The user benefits from a variety of included diagnostic functions such as duplicate address detection, ground protection, and EMC monitoring, as well as the functionality of an optional PLC.


Double Masters in one gateway are an especially cost-efficient approach. They allow controlling two ASi networks with a single Gateway. Additionally, the “1 Gateway, 1 power supply for 2 ASi networks” version requires only one power supply for both ASi networks.

Safety Gateways

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The Safety Monitor enables safe transmission and processing of safety-relevant data from safety input modules and safe shut-off of safety output modulesremotely over ASi right where the potentially hazardous motion takes place. The Safety Monitor is always PLe compliant.


Bihl+Wiedemann offers the Safety Monitor for ASi Safety at Work as a stand-alone device to expand existing ASi networks with safety modules. For new systems, we can provide ASi-3 resp. ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor and interfaces for the most commonly used automation systems. This presents the most efficient method for safely constructing one or two ASi networks at the same time. Employing our "Safe Link" over Ethernet, a technology to connect multiple Gateways safely over Ethernet/Profinet, even large applications with up to 1922 safety I/Os can be implemented.

For small applications with three or more safe signals, you should consider the Safety Basic Monitor, a compact safety controller without gateway but with configurable status outputs, the module allows for universal expansion and is the ideal control station for special safety applications.

PC-Boards / PCB modules

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In addition to the Gateways with Fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces as well as devices with USB ports, Bihl+Wiedemann also offers solutions providing all the common hardware and software interfaces for PC-assisted automation. We have the right ASi Master for each task.