BW4755PROFINET Master Simulator Plus License DLL Kit

Product description

Set of monitoring software for PROFINET devices and program library DLL. Support for PROFIsafe modules, log function for I/O data and acyclic data exchange, program library DLL. Available as a single-user license or as floating license.

PROFINET Master Simulator: Installation

PROFINET Master Simulator: Application

Technical data

Type PROFINET Master Simulator
Safety fieldbus PROFIsafe
Log function of I/O data yes
Sending of acyclic data Read/write parameters acyclically
DLL yes

Software to configure safe hardware, to create a safety configuration and to put it into operation.

ASi Control Tools360

Software for addressing, configuring and implementing of


non-safety hardware and for simple live diagnostics of planned and


detected devices in the ASi network.

  • yes : ASi Control Tools360 software as stand alone version
  • yes (integrated ): all functions of ASi Control Tools360 software are integrated directly into the ASIMON360.
  • Legacy Version : ASi Control Tools software (legacy version) as stand alone version.
    The legacy version does not offer a hardware catalog! It is recommended to use the ASi Control Tools360 with hardware catalog (BW2902) .
Diagnostics Software

Software to perform a release measurement or independent troubleshooting and preventative diagnostics on a system.

ASIMON360 Simulation

Software to test an existing ASIMON360 configuration on simulated hardware.

Installation options single-user license or floating license
Cable no