Wide variety of drive solutions with ASi-5 and ASi-3

Flawless integration of frequency inverters, DC drives and roller drives

Drive and conveyor applications are an ideal field of application for AS-Interface. This is because the advantages of the simple wiring system are extremely effective in all fields – e.g., in warehouse and material flow engineering, conveyor and sorting systems, shuttle pallet warehouses, order-picking systems, packaging systems, and also in storage and retrieval machines. The main advantages of ASi are: Voltage supply and communication via a single cable, extremely simple wiring thanks to piercing technology, complete freedom of topology, plus the transmission of safe and unsafe signals on the same cable.

Also, very important: You can easily combine ASi-3 and ASi-5 in one application to perfectly address the respective requirements. Uncomplicated functions such as start/stop, left-right run, or open/close can be implemented in the simplest and most cost-effective way with our ASi-3 modules. With its high transmission speed and large data size, ASi-5 is ideally suited for solving demanding applications. For example, with all ASi-5 drive modules you benefit from cyclic writing of speeds and ramps along with detailed diagnostics.

Find out about our comprehensive range of solutions for drives from leading manufacturers.

How you can benefit from AS-Interface in drive technology

All Bihl+Wiedemann actuator solutions offer you the same proven ASi advantages at all times. Among others, these include:


  • Just one cable for both data and power – in contrast to parallel wiring, no complex cable harnesses are required. This considerably reduces material and assembly costs. 
  • Great freedom in selecting the topology – each ASi module can be assembled at any point along the ASi professional cable. For example, it is possible to configure star, ring, or linear structures.
  • Extremely simple installation – ASi modules are simply plugged onto the ASi profile cable using piercing technology and are thereby protected against reverse polarity; the cable is taken from the cable reel in the desired length. There is no need whatsoever to cut, strip, and screw the cable, as is necessary when using round cables.
  • Integrated safety technology – safe and unsafe signals can be transmitted on the same cable. As a result, you eliminate the need for the duplicate infrastructure, which was previously necessary.
  • Efficient integrated power distribution for 24 V and 48 V motorized rollers – for this purpose, the additional AUX cable provides 20 W, 35 W, or up to 50 W per roller. Here you can find further information about our 48 V drive solutions.
  • Decentralized control of three-phase drives/frequency inverters – this allows you to create simpler system structures, regardless of whether you prefer binary or serial control.  

Drive solutions with ASi-3

Bihl+Wiedemann's ASi-3 modules are ideally suited for integrating drives into an ASi application in a particularly cost-efficient manner – and consequently for benefiting from all ASi advantages. ASi-3 modules are also the ideal choice for transmitting individual binary signals, such as the ones for light barriers.


The long-established and proven ASi-3 technology is very economical, especially when it comes to high volumes. Our wide range of ASi-3 solutions is designed for motorized rollers (Interroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA, Rollex) and frequency inverters (SEW, Lenze).

Perfect for
simple functions

The easiest and most cost-effective way to implement uncomplicated functions, such as start/stop, left-right run, or open/close, is through our ASi-3 modules – especially since the pin assignment has been adapted to the respective drives, which enables plug-and-play solutions.

Fully compatible
with ASi-5

With our ASi-3/ASi-5 Gateways, you can combine ASi-3 and ASi-5 drive solutions in a single application – while simultaneously integrating safety technology and implementing passive safety. Use the appropriate technology for the best mix: ASi-3 for binary control and ASi-5 to transfer large amounts of data faster.

Drive solutions with ASi-5

In addition to digital or analog control, ASi-5 technology also allows serial protocols to be transmitted between motor modules and the drive (e.g., CANopen, RS485 and Modbus TCP). Since IO-Link is perfectly integrated in ASi-5, you can also easily integrate drives with IO-Link interface.

Short cycle times,
high data bandwidth

ASi-5 enables cyclic writing of speeds and ramps. As a rule, this cyclic data for several motors can be exchanged in up to 1.27 ms. This makes it easy to implement even highly demanding applications. Additional digital inputs for connecting necessary sensors can also be transmitted quickly.


For example, it is easy to detect an output short circuit or an overload of the sensor supply. It also allows the transmission of drive-specific diagnostics, such as readings of the current motor current and temperature. The ASi-5/ASi-3 fieldbus gateway allows all diagnostic data to be easily transmitted to the higher level control or directly to Industry 4.0 applications via OPC UA.


Our ASi-5 drive solutions also offer you specific advantages to help you exploit the full potential of the respective drives. With some drives, you can optionally use the well-known PROFINET data image, for example. Moreover, with ASi-5 modules for frequency inverters and DC motors, it is possible to change motor parameters conveniently and transparently and to restore them automatically in case of replacement – without having to use any software from other manufacturers.

Solutions for drives from leading manufacturers

Bihl+Wiedemann offers a wide range of solutions for drives from many leading manufacturers – for motorized rollers (Interroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA, MTA, PULSEROLLER), DC motors (ebm-papst), and frequency inverters (SEW, NORD, Danfoss, Rockwell, Lenze, Bonfiglioli). Other manufacturers can also be integrated if necessary.

Cost reduction in material handling

LIP Bygningsartikler saves now 22% of the total cost on their conveyor modules thanks to an ASi solution from Bihl+Wiedemann. Each module and the complete system is connected through an ASi network with integrated safety from Bihl+Wiedemann. New conveyor modules can be added simply without additional wiring from the main PLC.


Video length: 2:45

Various drive solutions with ASi

Product manager Tom Minges presents our wide range of drive solutions and explains the advantages of ASi products. For example, the ASi motor modules can be used to efficiently control 24 V and 48 V motorized rollers from Interroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA, PULSEROLLER, MTA and other manufacturers. As for frequency inverters, we offer solutions for SEW, NORD, Danfoss, Rockwell and Lenze, for example.


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ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation) - pre-programmed, freely parameterizable


Achieve strictly defined distances between the conveyed unit loads with ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation). Thanks to a controlled material flow you can thus prevent unintentional collisions. Our ready programmed ZPA solution allows you to implement zero pressure accumulation easily and cost-effectively.

Advantages of our ZPA solution

  • Autonomous Material Handling – with our ZPA solution you can implement zero pressure accumulation for a wide variety of conveyed goods, such as cartons, containers or pallets – without the complexity of centralized wiring and PLC programming.
  • Detailed, fieldbus-independent diagnostics – An ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateway serves as a universal configuration interface for all modules of a zero pressure accumulation line. At the same time, the ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateway is also a diagnostic interface – to the PLC using common fieldbuses and thanks to the integratedOPC UA interface also to the IT.
  • Simple configuration and parameterization – With Our software suite (ASIMON360 and ASi Control Tools360) which comes with basic settings installed and offers a convenient way to configure basic functions such as speed, start and stop ramps, or the conveying direction – even without prior technical knowledge.
  • Manufacturer-independent solution – ZPA extends the drive solutions we currently offer for motorized rollers (Interroll, RULMECA, Itoh Denki, PULSEROLLER, MTA), DC motors (EBM-Papst) and frequency inverters (SEW, NORD, Rockwell, Lenze, Bonfiglioli). 
  • Connection to almost all PLCs – Via PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, EtherCAT or POWERLINK, the ZPA solution can be connected to almost all common PLCs.


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ASi-5 cable duct motor modules - new housing, proven technology


Use proven ASi-5 technology in the cable duct, respectively in a new housing form. Our ASi-5 cable duct motor modules for the control of 2 or 4 motorized rollers have the same advantages as comparable Ethernet-based modules - but you also benefit from all ASi advantages. Do you want to control motorized rollers, especially cost-effectively and implement less demanding applications? Then discover our ASi-3 cable duct motor modules here.


Advantages of our ASi-5 cable duct motor modules

  • Classical ASi advantages – You benefit from drastically reduced wiring effort, cost-effective commissioning, free choice of topology and technology that is compatible with almost all common fieldbus systems.
  • High data width, short cycle time – By means of different profiles, ASi-5 offers the possibility to adapt the process data. Optionally, 4, 8 or 14 bytes of process data are available - depending on the desired function. To control up to four motors simultaneously, the cycle time is only up to 1.27 ms.
  • Cyclic writing, complete diagnostics – The high data width and short cycle times of ASi-5 enable cyclic writing of speeds and ramps. ASi-5 also offers a wide range of diagnostic options, e.g. to detect an output short circuit or to read the actual motor current.
  • Many motorized rollers can be integrated cost-effectively – For four motors and eight sensors, you only need one cable duct motor module each, which in turn has only one ASi-5 address. Our 24 V and 48 V variants are suitable for Interroll, Itoh Denki and RULMECA, for example. Via the AUX line, 20, 35 or even 50 watts are available. The modules for 2 motors can easily be combined with the variants for 4 motors. In this way, you always pay the minimum for the number of motors actually used.
  • Passive Safety possible – The modules are also suitable for passive safety up to SIL3/PLe. When the AUX voltage is switched off, actuators are no longer supplied. However, the sensors, which are still supplied via the yellow ASi cable, continue to transmit important diagnostic information.
  • Zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) easy to implement – 

    Depending on the motor module, you can implement 2 or 4 zones of zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) autonomously - without any programming effort and PLC quite simply via our PC software. The modules can also be combined with other ASi-5 motor modules.


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More information about material handling and drive solutions

Drive solutions for Lenze smart motors

Read how to control Lenze motors and frequency inverters cost-effectively via ASi. ASi-5 is ideal for controlling Lenze Smart Motors.

48 Volt drive solutions

Find out how you can use ASi-5 to implement applications with both 24V and 48V motorized rollers - and benefit from the typical ASi advantages: simple installation, high flexibility and low costs.

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Here you will find solutions for leading manufacturers such as SEW-EURODRIVE, Lenze, Interroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA and Rollex.

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ASi – A resource-saving technology

Thanks to the greatly reduced wiring effort with AS-Interface, you save assembly and material costs. This saves valuable resources.


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