New 24 V Brake Chopper Manages the Feedback of Generative Energy

Our product portfolio for Material Handling and Drive Control is growing: the new 24 V brake chopper BWU4915 is now available. The extremely flat brake chopper limits the overvoltage that occurs during braking when operating 24 V roller drives. This prevents unwanted mains disconnections or error messages due to overload.

Quick Local Diagnostics, Easy Installation

Each brake chopper is able to compensate the overvoltage of at least two rollers – in most cases even more. Two integrated LEDs also enable quick local diagnostics: They signal whether the voltage is applied properly and whether energy that is currently being actively fed back is being compensated. Another advantage is the ease with which the brake chopper can be installed. It can simply be plugged onto the corresponding AUX profile cable using piercing technology.

Fig.: The new 24 V brake chopper BWU4915 is able to compensate the overvoltage of at least two motorized rollers simultaneously.

The new 24 V brake chopper in detail:

  • Brake chopper for 24 V motorized rollers
  • Tolerated overvoltage up to 35 V
  • Mounting in cable duct possible (installation depth ≥ 19 mm)
  • Thermal fuse (overheating protection through clocking)
  • Connection for 1 × AUX profile cable
  • 2 integrated LEDs for local diagnostics
  • Protection class IP67

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