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Functional Safety – scalable solution, easiest installation

Comfortable, cost-effective, fieldbus-independent

You want to implement or redesign functional safety easily? Without complex parallel wiring? And without expensive Ethernet-based solutions in the field? Discover a cost-effective and fieldbus-independent alternative with the simplest connection technology: We offer safety solutions for any plant size - from individual programmable safety relays to huge installations with up to 1922 safe signals. Our broad safety portfolio also includes proven solutions for various special applications such as Muting, Selection of Mode of Safe Operation or Speed Monitoring.


Our safety solutions require only a profiled two-wire cable. Thanks to piercing technology, installation is foolproof: modules can simply be plugged onto the reverse polarity protected profile cable - exactly where they are needed. The modules can not only be supplied via the two-wire line, but all safe and standard signals are also transmitted via it. This eliminates the need for costly duplicate infrastructure. Our ASIMON360 PC software enables convenient parameterization of the safety technology.

Functional safety - advantages at a glance

Scalable solution

Our portfolio offers the right solution for every plant size: for applications with few configurable safety relays, our Safety Basic Monitor BWU2700 with 4 safe inputs and 2 safe electronic outputs, is a modern and comfortably programmable alternative. This can be extended by further 31 safe signals if required. For very large installations with up to 1922 safe signals, you can connect up to 31 of our Safety Gateways via Safe Link.

Many use cases

We offer advanced safety solutions for a wide range of complex applications. Discover our range of solutions for muting, analog value processing, speed monitoring, safe operation mode selection, control-independent safety technology as well as our active distributors. The latter are plug-and-play modules that are adapted, for example, to many safety switches with integrated AS-Interface from various manufacturers.

Simplest connection technology

Thanks to the ASi piercing technology, modules can be connected, exchanged, relocated or added very easily - with maximum safe contacting. The special profile of the ASi cable prevents nodes from being connected with reversed polarity - and all this with complete topology freedom. In addition, ASi wiring is usually considerably less expensive than round cable solutions with typical M12 or 7/8" connectors. The cost savings can be as much as 68 %.

Safe and standard data on a single line

Our safety solutions not only eliminate the need for complex parallel wiring. Safe and non-safe signals are also transmitted on the same line. This eliminates the need for duplicate infrastructure and reduces costs.

Comfortable parameterization

You can comfortably parameterize and commission all safety solutions with our software suite. The ASIMON360 software also offers a detailed online representation of the entire system, with which you can directly check and test logic connections and switching states.

Detailed Diagnostics

The diagnostic software included in the software suite enables release measurements, provides detailed diagnostics and gives concrete recommendations for action in the event of errors. The most important diagnostics are also immediately visible in the plant without any additional software, because a corresponding display is integrated in the gateways.

Safety Solututions with Bihl+Wiedemann

Safe small control

The Safety Basic Monitor

For small applications with three or more safe signals, we offer the Safety Basic Monitor, a safe small control without gateway, but with configurable signal outputs. The ASi Safety Module is universally expandable and is also suitable as a head station for special safety applications.


  • Cost-effective variant for small applications
  • Safe small control
  • Large range of functions
  • Easily expandable via ASi
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Simple coupling to other systems
  • Programmable via PC
  • Max. 31 safe modules per device
  • Width of Safety Basic Monitor: 22.5 mm

Safety technology with fieldbus interface

Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor

Our ASi Gateways can transmit digital and analog sensor data, which are read in decentrally via ASi modules, to the higher-level control via the respective bus system. The ASi Gateways also transmit the output signals of the control to the ASi actuators. The integrated Safety Monitor implements the safe transmission and evaluation of safety-relevant diagnostic data from safe input modules - as well as the safe switch-off of safe output modules decentrally via ASi wherever the potentially dangerous movement occurs. And that with up to SIL3/PLe.   


  • Optimal PLC connection via the common fieldbuses
  • Safety and standard signals via the same infrastructure
  • Standard signals and all diagnostic data in the control
  • Max. 62 safe modules/devices
  • Optionally with safe fieldbus protocol (PROFIsafe, CIP Safety, FSoE, ...) for exchanging safe data with a safe control
  • Expandable via Safe Link

Cost-effective scalability through Safe Link

Safe Coupling via Ethernet

The latest gateways and Safety Basic Monitors with Ethernet interface already have our technology for safe cross communication - Safe Link - integrated. This allows multiple devices to be implemented into very large installations with up to 1922 safe signals at no additional cost. In this way, several plant sections can be easily and flexibly connected with each other - even if different controls are used. Safe Link means that our safety monitors communicate safely with each other. Either via the Ethernet-based fieldbus interface, for example PROFINET or EtherNet/IP, or via the Ethernet diagnostic interface. Safe Link simply communicates additionally via the respective Ethernet connection and at the same time fulfills the safety requirements of SIL3.


  • Safe coupling of Safe Link via Ethernet
  • Max. 31 devices with up to 62 safe modules per device
  • 31 safety bits per monitor
  • Everyone hears everyone
  • Simplest way to safely couple many signals

Pre-finished solutions for many use cases

We offer complete plug-and-play solutions for numerous or complex applications.


ASi Safety I/O modules from Bihl+Wiedemann make it possible to connect all signals required for muting to just one module. The space-saving solution offers an especially large number of inputs and outputs that can be flexibly configured.


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Selection of Mode of Safe Operation

Today, for complex machines it is often necessary to allow several safe operating modes, e.g. setup mode with the safety door open and at reduced speed. Via a standard HMI, up to 5 different operating modes can be safely selected for a maximum of 6 plant sections - each with individual safety functions. Configuration of the operating modes is very simple thanks to the ASIMON360 software. With the Euchner EKS electronic key system, access can be restricted to authorized groups of people.


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Passive Safety up to SIL3/PLe

The yellow ASi profile cable and the optional black profile cable for auxiliary power (for energy-intensive peripherals such as roller drives) can easily be routed separately - even in the modules. Connected actuators supplied out of AUX are therefore safely switched off when the auxiliary power is switched off. The safety-related disconnection of actuator groups can be implemented cost-effectively with only one safe output.


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Safe Link

With Safe Link, different parts of the plant can be connected to each other easily and flexibly - even if different controls are used. Up to 31 Safety Basic Monitors or gateways with integrated safety monitor can be coupled with each other. In this way, up to 1922 safe two-channel input signals can be collected.


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Speed Monitoring

We offer many solutions for safe speed and position monitoring: from speed monitoring at the local terminals of the gateways and Safety Basic Monitors by means of simple initiators, to powerful modules for HTL and TTL encoders. In addition to speed and standstill, important details such as direction of rotation, shaft break, slippage or a position range can also be monitored.


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PLC Independent Safety Technology

Discover the advantages of our safety and wiring technology, which can be used independently of system and manufacturer. Thanks to the support of all common fieldbus systems, the safety technology can always remain exactly the same, regardless of the control used. This advantage even applies when several plant sections with different controls are connected via Safe Link.


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ASi-5 Safety

ASi-5 Safety is the ideal complement to ASi-3 Safety and can help to further reduce machine costs. The new Safety generation can be easily integrated into existing solutions. The main advantage of ASi-5 Safety: You can use many safe and non-safe signals under just one address.


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Our safety components at a glance

Safety Monitore

Produktselektor Produktübersicht

Der Safety Monitor realisiert die sichere Übertragung und Auswertung der sicherheitsrelevanten Daten von sicheren Eingangsmodulen und das sichere Abschalten von sicheren Ausgangsmodulen dezentral über ASi dort, wo die gefahrbringende Bewegung entsteht. Und dies grundsätzlich immer bis PLe. Bihl+Wiedemann bietet Ihnen bei ASi Safety at Work den Safety Monitor als Stand-Alone-Gerät, um bestehende ASi Kreise um sichere ASi Module zu erweitern. Bei Neuanlagen verfügen wir mit unseren ASi-3 bzw. ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateways mit integriertem Sicherheitsmonitor und Schnittstellen zu den gängigen Systemen der Automatisierung über die effizienteste Methode, um 1 oder 2 ASi Kreise gleichzeitig sicher aufzubauen. Auch große Applikationen mit bis zu 1922 sicheren E/A's lassen sich mit diesen ASi Safety Geräten unter Verwendung unserer Technologie „Sichere Koppelung Safe Link über Ethernet“ realisieren, indem mehrere Gateways sicher über Ethernet/PROFINET verbunden werden. Für kleine Applikationen ab drei sicheren Signalen finden Sie bei uns den Safety Basis Monitor , eine sichere Kleinsteuerung ohne Gateway, aber mit konfigurierbaren Meldeausgängen. Das ASi Safety Modul ist universell erweiterbar und eignet sich auch als Kopfstation für spezielle Sicherheitsanwendungen.

Safety E/A Module

Produktselektor Produktübersicht

Bihl+Wiedemann bietet Ihnen für jedes sichere Eingangssignal das passende Modul, um das Sig­nal sicher einzukoppeln. Unterschieden werden Schaltschrankmodule (IP20) und Feldmodule (IP67) . Vom einzelnen sicheren Eingang oder Ausgang bis hin zu sicheren Multi E/A Modulen haben wir immer den passenden ASi Safety Modul im Angebot. Zusätzlich sind an vielen ASi Safety Modulen freie Ausgänge für Standard-Signale nutzbar.

Aktive Verteiler ASi Safety

Produktselektor Produktübersicht

Mit aktiven Verteilern ASi Safety von Bihl+Wiedemann lassen sich beliebige Sicherheitssensoren, -taster, -schalter usw. AS-Interface fähig machen. Auch Module ohne eigenen ASi Anschluss lassen sich mit Hilfe der aktiven Verteiler ASi Safety problemlos in ein bestehendes ASi Netzwerk integrieren. Weitere Vorteile sind die individuell konfektionierbaren Anschlussmöglichkeiten über M8, M12, Anschlusslitzen oder Push-in Klemmen, passend für die jeweilige Applikation des Kunden, und eine kompakte Bauform, optimiert für den Einsatz im Kabelkanal.


Produktselektor Produktübersicht

Auf der Basis eines innovativen Gehäuses bietet Bihl+Wiedemann eine Familie an Befehlsmeldegeräten. Das NOT-HALT-Tastermodul verfügt über einen sicheren ASi Safety Eingangsmodul und ist zweifarbig beleuchtbar erhältlich – entweder abhängig von der Betätigerstellung oder von der Steuerung vorgegeben.

Der NOT-HALT ist für die Profilschienenmontage (40 mm) optimiert, kann aber auch mit Hilfe eines Montageclips individuell befestigt werden. Der ASi Anschluss erfolgt bequem über einen M12 Stecker. In gleichem Gehäuse sind von Bihl+Wiedemann außerdem verschiedene weitere Befehlsmeldegeräte erhältlich.

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