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Material Handling / Drive control

ASi really shows its strengths in material handling. The following diagram shows an overview of the cost-saving material handling and drive control from Bihl+Wiedemann.

Drive Solutions with AS-Interface

The internationally standardized AS-Interface (ASi) wiring system has long become established in materials handling. Countless companies are benefiting from the easy installation, high flexibility and low costs of ASi.

Cost reduction in material handling

LIP Bygningsartikler saves now 22% of the total cost on their conveyor modules thanks to an ASi solution from Bihl+Wiedemann. Each module and the complete system is connected through an ASi network with integrated safety from Bihl+Wiedemann. New conveyor modules can be added simply without additional wiring from the main PLC.


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Drive Control with Bihl+Wiedemann

Product manager Tom Minges presents our wide range of drive solutions and explains the advantages of ASi products. For example, the ASi motor modules can be used to efficiently control 24 V and 48 V motorized rollers from Interroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA and other manufacturers. As for frequency inverters, we offer solutions for SEW, NORD, Rockwell and Lenze, for example.


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Controlling DC motors directly

The ASi motor modules by Bihl+Wiedemann offer a variety of drive solutions. For example, 24 V motor rollers can be controlled directly via ASi. No additional control unit is required. Motor modules by Bihl+Wiedemann will save you valuable time and costs during commissioning and service.

Decentralised control of AC motors

There is also the option of decentralized control of drives with or without a frequency converter. This flexibility allows for the implementation of new, simpler, system structures. The following example shows how the ASi modules can be used in real applications.

Drive Solutions

  • Remote installation, easy maintenance
  • Reliable in use, even in extreme temperatures of up to –30 °C
  • The module connects directly to the ASi cable, thus saving cable length



    Lenze Smart Motor

    • Connections for up to 2 Lenze Smart Motors

    • Connections for up to 3 sensors

    • Can control up to 5 speeds

    • Easy connection to motors via M12 sockets

      AC motors

      • Control of one MOVIMOT® drive or up to 2 MOVI-SWITCH® motors or up to 2 Lenze Smart Motors per module

      • Up to 3 inputs for sensors

      • Control of start/stop and rotation direction

      • LEDs for direct on-site diagnostics

      • For MOVIMOT® – speed Control:
        • Fixed target speed values, selectable during runtime
        • Easy adjustment of acceleration/deceleration ramps thanks to the higher level control

        24 V motorized rollers:

        • Itoh Denki (PM500ME/XE/XP, PM605ME/XE/XP)
        • Interroll (EC200, EC300, EC310)
        • RULMECA (RDR BL-2)
        • Rollex (Type 840)

        DC motors

        • Independent control of 2 roller drives per module

        • Control of start/stop, rotation direction and speed from the higher level control (optionally on the module itself)

        • Up to 4 additional M12 inputs for sensors

        • Also available with integrated UL- approved 3,5 A fuse to protect motor supply

        • Optionally adjustable acceleration ramp

        • Compatible with Interroll, RULMECA, Itoh Denki, Rollex and other 24 V DC roller drives

        • Control irrespective of the motor manufacturer

          ZPA - ready programmed, freely parameterizable

          Achieve strictly defined distances between the conveyed unit loads with ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation). Thanks to a controlled material flow you can thus prevent unintentional collisions. Our ready programmed ZPA solution allows you to implement zero pressure accumulation easily and cost-effectively.

          Advantages of our ZPA solution

          • Autonomous Material Handling – You can implement zero pressure accumulation for a wide variety of conveyed goods, such as cartons, containers or pallets – without the complexity of centralized wiring and PLC programming.

          • Detailed, fieldbus-independent diagnostics – An ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateway serves as a universal configuration interface for all modules of a zero pressure accumulation line. At the same time, the ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateway is also a diagnostic interface – to the PLC using common fieldbuses and thanks to the integrated OPC UA interface also to the IT.

          • Simple configuration and parameterization – Our software suite (ASIMON360 and ASi Control Tools360) comes with basic settings installed and offers a convenient way to configure basic functions such as speed, start and stop ramps, or the conveying direction – even without prior technical knowledge.

          Optimized for the Installation in the Cable Duct

          (Click to enlarge)

          • Cable duct motor module for 2 × 24 V motorized rollers, for example: Interroll, RULMECA, Itoh Denki, Rollex

          • Speed setting via ASi parameters

          • Inputs and Outputs in one module
          • Input, 2 × sensor input + 2 × Motor-Fault-Inputs

          • Brake resistor compatible outputs

          • Individual cable length

          • Passive distributor available separately if required

          • No additional connection cable needed


            Application examples

            Use with integrated passive distributor – the easiest way to install.

            (Click to enlarge)

            Use with separatepassive distributor – for a particularly flexible installation.

            (Click to enlarge)

            Passive Distributor

            With round cable

            • Extremely flat design (W × H × D: 60 × 45 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
            • 2 × profile cables for ASi and AUX connection to round cable
            • Round cable with M12, M8 (angled or straight) or connecting wires
            • High protection rating IP67
            • Optionally with 2 × 1 A self-resetting fuses

              (Click to enlarge)

              As profile cable branch

              • Extremely flat design (W × H × D: 60 × 45 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
              • 2 × connections for profile cable
              • ASi profile cable max. 8 A
              • AUX profile cable max. 16 A or max. 20 A

                (Click to enlarge)

                With Push-in terminals

                • Extremely flat design (W × H × D: 60 × 45 × 19 mm), suitable for cable ducts
                • Push-In terminals up to a wire cross-section of 0,5 mm²/AWG20

                  (Click to enlarge)

                  Optionally with Integrated Fuse

                  Cable protection against short circuits

                  • Optional integrated fuse, either with 4 × 4 A replaceable fuses or with 4 × 1 A self-resetting fuse
                  • Additional protection for connected devices
                  • Reliable protection against short circuits

                    Special assemblies on request

                    PLC Connection over Gateways

                    (Click to enlarge)

                    • Integration in all commonly used control systems via the respective fieldbus interface
                    • Integrated diagnostics
                    • Available option of integrated Safety Technology
                    • Ethernet diagnostic interface and webserver for remote maintenance
                    • Powered by 24 V or ASi power supply
                    • Processing of digital and analog modules
                    • Dual masters available for a greater cost savings
                    • Handles up to 124 I/O modules per gateway
                    • Each signal is available in the control system
                    • Graphic display allows for diagnostic feedback

                      Safety Components

                      Simple wiring of safety devices

                      • Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor
                      • Standard and safety signals on the same wire
                      • Easy safety configuration software per drag and drop
                      • Simulation software available
                      • Safe Link between different gateways
                      • Up to 1922 safety inputs
                      • Certified muting function block
                      • Wide range of safety I/O modules available
                      • Safe speed monitoring, positioning and stand still


                        • Easy integration of the drives in the control
                        • Inputs for the sensors
                        • Optimum wiring for motors and sensors
                        • Protection class up to IP67
                        • Easy control of start / stop, direction of rotation and speed for motor roller drives and frequency inverters
                        • Easy and quick installation system
                        • Big savings in wiring cost and time

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