Drive solutions for Interroll

On this page, we present our ASi-3 and ASi-5 drive solutions for Interroll. All modules are plug-and-play solutions with pin assignments adapted to the respective Interroll drive. We currently offer modules for the following 24 V and 48 V motorized rollers in various power classes:  

  • Interroll EC310
  • Interroll EC5000 AI

Please contact us if the drive you are looking for is not listed here. Here you will find detailed information about the advantages of our AS-Interface drive solutions.


Here you will find the product overview of our drive solutions for Interroll.


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ASi-5 Modules for Interroll EC5000 AI and Interroll EC310

Our ASi-5 motor modules for Interroll EC5000 AI and Interroll EC310 enable efficient control of 24 V or 48 V motors. The modules additionally offer a flexible and cost-efficient solution for power distribution by providing 20 W, 35 W, or even up to 50 W via the AUX cable.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Easy installation

  • Separate control of up to four motorized rollers

  • Cyclic setting of speed and ramps in 1.27 ms

  • Additional digital inputs to connect sensors

  • All signals on a single cable

Fig.: Simple installation thanks to piercing technology, current consumption by ASi (8A) and AUX (20A) and simple connection between Interroll EC5000 AI and BWU4212 / BWU4246 using our BW3030 / BW2755 connection cable. information on speed and ramps is individually controlled for motor 1 and motor 2 directly in the PLC process data. 

Fig.: ASi-5 Motor Module, IP67, M12 for 48 V motorized rollers (BWU4212) and ASi-5 Motor Module, IP67, M12 for 24 V motorized rollers (BWU4246)

ASi-3 Module for Interroll EC5000 AI and Interroll EC310

The motor modules for Interroll EC5000 AI and Interroll EC310 are designed for efficient control of 24 V motors at 20 W and 35 W respectively. The module allows you to control two rollers, thereby changing the direction of rotation and speeds of the motors. Besides, the two digital inputs enable direct connection of gear, such as light barriers for controlling a conveyor system.


Your advantages at a glance

  • 2 x 24 V Interroll EC5000 AI and Interroll EC310 motorized rollers at 20 W/35 W
  • Up to 4 digital inputs to connect sensors 
  • Mixed input and output module
  • Convenient parameterization using Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suites
  • Speed setting via ASi parameters

Fig.: ASi Motor module, IP67, M12 for 24 V motorized rollers (BWU4205)

Ideal for less demanding applications: ASi-3 cable duct motor modules


Our cable duct motor modules are also available with ASi-3 technology. The corresponding product variants have a smaller range of functions compared to the ASi-5 modules. They are especially cost-effective and ideal for applications where, for example, simple start and stop functions are sufficient.


The various ASi-3 cable duct motor modules for 2 motors are each oriented to various motorized rollers from leading manufacturers. And they can be easily combined with all ASi-5 variants.


Product overview

Solutions for drives from leading manufacturers

Bihl+Wiedemann offers a wide range of solutions for drives from many leading manufacturers – for motorized rollers (Interroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA), DC motors (ebm-papst), and frequency inverters (SEW, NORD, Danfoss, Rockwell, Lenze, Bonfiglioli). Other manufacturers can also be integrated if necessary.

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ASi – A resource-saving technology

Thanks to the greatly reduced wiring effort with AS-Interface, you save assembly and material costs. This saves valuable resources.


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