Safety Functions per EN 61800-5-2

The following safety functions can be implemented using speed monitors, although not all functions may be supported by a single device:

STO – Safe Torque Off

Safe turning off of the torque in the frequency inverter. The speed monitor provides a safety output signal to the frequency inverter.

SS1 – Safe Stop 1

Safe monitoring of the braking ramp followed by power shut-off.

SS2 – Safe Stop 2

Safe monitoring of the braking ramp followed by standstill monitoring.

SOS – Safe Operating Stop

Safe monitoring of standstill.

SBC – Safe Brake Control

Safety output signal for turning off power to an external brake.

SLS – Safely Limited Speed

Safe monitoring of maximum speed.

SSM – Safe Speed Monitor

Safe monitoring of speed. A safe signal indicates whether the speed is below a specified limit.

SSR – Safe Speed Range

Safe monitoring of a specified speed range.

SDI – Safe Direction

Safe monitoring of a direction of motion.

SLA – Safely Limited Acceleration

Safe monitoring of maximum acceleration.

SAR – Safe Acceleration Range

Safe monitoring of a specified acceleration range.

SCA – Safe Cam

Safe monitoring of a specified position range.

SLP – Safely Limited Position

Safe braking ramp monitoring with position limits.

SLI – Safely Limited Increment

Safe monitoring of an increment for jog mode.

SLT – Safely Limited Torque

Safe monitoring of the maximum torque or force.

STR – Safe Torque Range

Safe monitoring of a specified torque/force range.

SMT – Safe Motor Temperature

Safe montoring of the maximum temperature.

Safe analog values for safety functions SLT, STR, SMT
  • 2 x 4 ... 20 mA
  • 2 x 0 ... 10 V
  • 2 x Pt100

The corresponding sensor is evaluated using a safe analog input signal.