Data and facts about our solar power systems

Bihl+Wiedemann has several buildings at its headquarters in Mannheim. Wherever possible, we have installed solar modules on these buildings to do our bit for the energy transition and reduce CO² emissions. Our first solar power system has been in operation since 2010, the second one followed in 2014, and our newest system has been in use since 2022.


Different kilowatt peaks are generated on the three buildings equipped with solar panels.

Building 1 = 37.95 kWp – commissioning: 2010

Building 2 = 112.20 kWp – commissioning: 2014

Building 3 = 120.00 kWp – commissioning: 2022

In 2021, the quantity of energy we generated exceeded 134,000 kWh. As for 2022, we expect to generate 260,000 kWh of energy. A large portion of this energy is consumed directly by us and about 11,000 kWh is fed into the public grid.

of solar cells are in operation at the Mannheim headquarters on the roofs and facades of our office and production building – the first ones since September 2010.

of power we expect to generate from 2022 and consume a large part of it by ourselves. 260,000 kWh is equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,500 large refrigerators with freezer compartments.

is the maximum total kilowatt output at peak generated by the three installed solar power systems.

Certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001

Since 2021 we have an energy management system that complies with ISO 5001. It helps us to systematically optimize energy efficiency and reduce CO₂ emissions step by step.


Our current certificate for download (pdf)