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Benefits of our I/O Modules

Even with just three or more I/O field modules or three I/O stations, AS-Interface offers cost advantages over all other fieldbus systems.

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Benefits of our IP20 I/O Modules

Use of I/O Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann saves hardware costs and control cabinet space.

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  • Reduced hardware costs (incl. connector construction)

neither bus couplers nor fieldbus plugs (always one per station) are necessary; instead you need just one Gateway for the entire system.

  • Save valuable control cabinet space

Bihl+Wiedemann modules combine up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs in a 22.5 mm wide housing.

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  • Reduced wiring complexity

Bihl+Wiedemann modules can also be installed in the control cabinet right where the signals are actually needed. I/O Modules can also be installed remotely in the control cabinet.

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Benefits of our IP67 I/O Modules

Using I/O Modules with IP67 protection saves hardware and installation costs.

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  • Clear savings in hardware and installation costs

You don’t need either plugs for connecting to the power supply or cumbersome self-assembled fieldbus connectors (2 per fieldbus module). Instead the I/O Modules are simply connected using the familiar yellow cable and piercing technique.

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  • Organized installation with ASi modules

In contrast to IP67 modules in comparable fieldbus solutions, which have to be wired in a line, the I/O Modules from Bihl+Wiedemann allow tree structure as a flexible cabling method. This means stubs from the main string can be created anywhere, also enhancing transparency in the network

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