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Drive solutions with ASi-5 – short cycle times and high data bandwidth

Drive solutions with ASi-5

AS-Interface (ASi) has long been an established feature of drive control. This is where the advantages of the globally standardized wiring system are especially conspicuous: the simplest installation thanks to the piercing  technology, free selection of topologies, high flexibility and low costs.


For many years Bihl+Wiedemann has been offering the ideal drive solution for many different applications – including roller drives, AC drives with and without frequency converter, as well as for 24 V motors. Our range of solutions is focused on leading manufacturers such as Lenze, SEW-Eurodrive, Itoh Denki, Interroll and RULMECA. We also develop custom ASi solutions on request.

Short cycle times and high data bandwidth


Many of our new motor modules are based on ASi-5, the newest generation of AS-Interface, which features a short cycle time and high data bandwidth: up to 384 digital in- and 384 digital outputs can be controlled in just 1.27 ms with a process data width of from 16 bits to 32 bytes.

Fig.: In applications with ASi-5 motor modules you can use both standard modules and safety devices cost effectively in the same infrastructure.


The advantages of our ASi-5 motor modules


  • Integration of smart drives using ASi-5 Modules with integrated IO-Link Master
  • Additional digital inputs for connecting the needed sensors
  • Cyclical writing of speeds and ramps with a resolution of 16 bits
  • Acceleration and deceleration settable for each individual object
  • Efficient control of 24 V and 48 V motors since the AUX line provides 20 W, 35 W or up to 50 W
  • Detailed, channel-specific diagnostics makes it possible to individually detect an output short circuit or overload on the sensor supply  for each terminal

ASi-5 Module for SEW MOVIMOT®

With the ASi-5 Motor Module for SEW MOVIMOT® (BWU4068) complicated and inflexible specification of ramps and speeds for process control is a thing of the past. Thanks to ASi-5 they can be set cyclically for extremely rapid adjusting. Up to 3 × 16 bits of process output data are available.


Your advantages at a glance

  • One SEW MOVIMOT® can be controlled per module
  • Cyclic data compatible with the SEW PROFINET image
  • Additional 4 inputs / 2 outputs
  • Analysis of the actually measured motor current (thanks to 3 x 16 bit process output data)
  • Efficient wiring of 100 SEW MOVIMOT® via just 1 Ethernet node
  • Protection rating IP67

Fig.: The ASi-5 Motor Module BWU4068 offers maximum information, both to and from the SEW MOVOMOT®.


The ASi-5 Motor Module SEW MOVIMOT® (BWU4068) also provides 4 inputs / 2 outputs for optimal control of the transport system

ASi-5 Modules for Interroll EC5000 AI


Our ASi-5 Motor Modules for Interroll EC5000 AI (BWU4246, BWU4212) enable efficient control of 24 V and 48 V motors. The modules also offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for power distribution – because 20 W, 35 W or even up to 50 W are available on the AUX line.


Your advantages at a glance


  • Simple installation
  • Separate control of two motorized rollers (selectable rotation direction)
  • Stepless speed setting
  • Cyclical setting of speeds and ramps in 1.27 ms
  • 4 digital inputs for connecting sensors
  • All signals on a single cable



Fig.: Simple installation thanks to piercing technology, current consumption by ASi (8A) and AUX (20A) as well as simple connection between Interroll EC5000 AI and BWU4212 / BWU4246 using our BW3030 / BW2755 connection cable. Speed and ramp information are individually controlled directly in the PLC process data for Motor 1 and Motor 2.  BWU4212 and  BWU4246 information use the same process data image.

Fig.: ASi-5 Motor Module, IP67, M12 for 48 V motorized rollers (BWU4212) and ASi-5 Motor Module, IP67, M12 for 24 V motorized rollers (BWU4246)

ASi-5 self-configuring Module for Lenze Smart Motors


The ASi-5 self-configuring 8 I/O module (BWU4232) is ideal for the Lenze Smart Motor or other drives having a binary interface. Because the binary motor interface provides three digital inputs and an output – distributed between two M12 cables.


Your advantages at a glance

  • ASi-5 transfers the 8-bit bi-directional process data consistently in just 1.27 ms
  • Thanks to high I/O density per ASi-5 module the ASi addresses are significantly reduced
  • Detailed channel-specific diagnostics makes it possible to detect an output short circuit or overload in the sensor supply individually for each terminal
  • Cyclical diagnostics lets you quickly localize and clear errors
  • Combined with diagnostics software from B+W troubleshooting in the plant becomes even easier with active support
  • Output status can be read back individually
  • Cost-effective digital outputs
  • All signals on a single cable


Fig.: The ASi-5 self-configuring 8/O module also provides four digital signals which can used selectively as in- or outputs.


ASi-5 self-configuring I/O Module, IP67, M12, 8I/O (BWU4232)

ASi-5 Modules for Lenze frequency inverters


The Lenze i550 protec decentralized frequency inverter (IP66) can be integrated into ASi-5 using our compact active distributor (BWU4088); a companion to the i550 control cabinet inverter is our IO-Link Master with IP20 (BWU3843). By integrating the inverters into ASi you benefit right away from all the features: simple installation, high flexibility and low costs with maximum functionality.


Your advantages at a glance

  • ASi-5 transfers the 12 bytes of process data in just 2.54 ms and is comparable with the Lenze PROFINET data image
  • Simple parameterization of the frequency inverters using the integrated IODD
  • Automatic configuration and commissioning of replacement devices
  • The comprehensive diagnostic capabilities of the i550 enable predictive maintenance.
  • Diagnostics are provided by the ASi-5/ASi-3 gateway, e.g. via OPC UA
  • Monitor operating time, load, controller deviation and heat sink temperature, e.g. via OPC/UA


Fig.: With our broad product range you can implement the greatest number of applications. The example in the middle shows you how one motor communicate with the Lenze frequency inverter at the same time as with the sensor in the ASi-5 system. This is made possible by our BWU4088 IO-Link drive solution


Fig.: Active Distributor ASi-5/IO-Link Master with 1 port (BWU4088, left) and ASi-5 Module with integrated IO-Link Master with 4 ports (BWU3843, right)

Questions about our ASi-5 drive solutions?