Functional Safety – scalable solution, easiest installation

Do you want to implement or redesign functional safety easily? Without complex parallel wiring? And without expensive Ethernet-based solutions in the field? Discover a cost-effective and fieldbus-independent alternative with the simplest connection technology: We offer safety solutions for any plant size such as proven solutions for various special applications such as Muting, Selection of Mode of Safe Operation or Speed Monitoring.

Functional safety with Bihl+Wiedemann – advantages at a glance

  • Scalable solution: We offer safety solutions for any plant size - from individual programmable safety relays to huge installations with several thousand safe signals.
  • Plug-and-Play Solutions for many use cases: Discover our range of solutions for Muting, Analog value processing, Speed Monitoring, Selection of Mode of Safe Operation and PLC independent Safety Technology
  • Simplest connection technology: Thanks to the ASi piercing technology, modules can be connected or exchanged very easily. In addition, with ASi, you can reduce wiring costs by up to 68% compared to round cable solutions.
  • Safe and standard data on a single line: Our safety solutions thus eliminate the need for duplicate infrastructure. You also avoid the complex parallel wiring.
  • Comfortable parameterization with our Software Suite: The software also offers a detailed online representation of the entire system, with which you can directly check and test logic connections and switching states.
  • Detailed Diagnostics: The diagnostic software included in the software suite enables release measurements, provides detailed diagnostics and gives concrete recommendations for action in the event of errors.

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