WEEE – environmentally conscious recycling in the EU

All Bihl+Wiedemann products are subject to the WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment). It regulates the distribution as well as the return or proper disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The objectives of the European directive – waste prevention, environmental protection and the strengthening of recycling – are of course also an important concern for Bihl+Wiedemann.


Electrical equipment should not be disposed of in normal waste, but should be disposed of separately. All our subsidiaries and operating sites that are covered by the WEEE directive are locally registered and offer you a free solution for disposal. Below you will find an overview of all registrations.

WEEE registrations at the various sites

  Germany: WEEE Reg.-No.: DE 98699058

  Spain: WEEE Reg.-No.: 7146 (ECOTIC)

  Portugal: WEEE Reg.-No.: PT101279 (ERP)

  Finland: WEEE Reg.-No.: 3606 (SELT)

  Czech Republic: WEEE Reg.-No.: 09281/20-ECZ (RETELA)

  Austria: WEEE Reg.-No.: 9008391906254 (ERA)