Integrating ASi-5 PCB Modules and making any component ASi-capable

ASi-5 PCB Modules for various applications

With a Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5 PCB module, it is possible to add an ASi-5 interface to a wide range of applications. The control elements shown in the figure on the left represent a typical example. They can be easily connected to the PLC using the PCB modules – decentrally and in an existing housing.


At the same time, the control elements can be easily integrated into an existing ASi network. Installing the compact (W / H / D: 70 × 40 × 26.5 mm) ASi-5 PCB module on an existing circuit board eliminates more than just the need for complex wiring. You also save space for additional IP20 or IP67 I/O modules.


The ASi-5 PCB Modules are available in different variants

Our ASi-5 PCB modules are suitable for the connection of

  • Modern, digital I/Os
  • IO-Link A devices of many manufacturers
  • Safe signals, e.g. for E-STOP Buttons or OSSDs
  • Serial connections with RS485, e.g. for communication with an inverter or a barcode scanner


The compact ASi-5 PCB module is available for various applications and comes optionally with a customer-specific connection circuit board.

Advantages of ASi-5 PCB Modules


Save plenty of


You can install a PCB module directly onto an existing circuit board within your housing. Therefore, you do not need additional space for additional ASi modules in IP67 or IP20 to make your product ASi-capable.


cable use


The PCB modules let you capture the signals where they originate. This means that only the 2-wire ASi cable is required for a large number of sensors or actuators. This drastically reduces the number of cables in cable ducts or drag chains.



ASi for the fieldbus
of your new customers


By making your circuit board or electrical product ASi-capable by means of our PCB module, you increase the number of your potential customers. With around 40 million nodes currently installed, ASi is now globally established.


connection circuit board

For all PCB modules, we also offer an optional connection circuit board, having the shape and functions we define together with you. It is possible, for example, to position spring-type terminals, status LEDs or additional assembly aids on it. Get in touch with us.

Products at a glance

The ASi-5 PCB modules are available for digital I/Os, IO-Link devices, safe signals and serial connections with RS485.


To the product overview

ASi-5 PCB Module for digital I/Os (BWR4736)

  • Up to 16 digital inputs/outputs, depending on configuration
  • Up to 350 mA per output
  • Connection via pin strip
  • 1 ASi-5 address
  • W / H / D in mm: 70 × 40 × 26.5

ASi-5 PCB Modules for safe signals

By combining standard and safety signals, many different applications can be achieved from the same module.

  • 2 safe inputs each and up to 12 standard signals, depending on the configuration
  • A single ASi-5 address for secure and non-secure nodes
  • Reduces impedances on the ASi circuit
  • 2 × 2-channel safe inputs (SIL 3, Kat. 4) – either for
    • Potential-free contacts or
    • for OSSDs
  • Additional 12 digital I/Os

ASi-5 PCB Module for serial connections with RS485

Various serial protocols can be integrated in this variant of the ASi-5 PCB module. We already offer several products for solutions in the field of drive technology (e.g., for SEW MOVIMOT®,


, Rockwell and


). Do you have a different RS485 capable component? Feel free to contact us.

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ASi – A resource-saving technology

Thanks to the greatly reduced wiring effort with AS-Interface, you save assembly and material costs. This saves valuable resources.


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