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Speed Monitoring

Bihl+Wiedemann offers a variety of devices for safe speed monitoring. The video gives an overview of the functions, applications and interfaces of these modules.

Extremely Compact and Cost-Efficient

Safe Speed Monitors for Sensors/Initiators: Safety Basic Monitors

  • Autonomous compact safety controller
  • 4 × 2-channel safe inputs or standard inputs and status outputs
  • Speed monitor on the local inputs
    • 2 axes 2-channel (SIL2, PLd) or SIL3, PLe)
    • 4 axes 1-channel (SIL1, PLc)
  • Standstill monitor on the local inputs
    • 4 axes 2-channel (SIL2, PLd)
  • 2 safe electronic outputs
  • USB or Ethernet interface for configuration
  • Detailed diagnostics and shut-off history via software or control
  • Chip card for easy device exchange


And all in one unit with just 22.5 mm installation width

Speed monitoring with 2 sensors, monitor max. 2 axes

Speed monitoring with 1 sensor, monitor max. 4 axes

Speed monitoring in the Gateway

Maximum Functionality

Safe speed monitors for encoders

  • Monitor up to 2 axes, up to SIL3, PLe
  • For sine/cosine, SSI, TTL or HTL-Encoder
  • Detailed diagnostics and shut-off history via software
  • Chip card for easy device exchange
  • 22.5 mm width

    Devices with local safe outputs

    • 2 safe electronic outputs
    • Support of all safety functions acc. EN 61800-5-2
    • Any number of safety functions can be implemented
      • Possibility to configure several functions or same function with different parameters for each axis
      • Max. 128 devices configurable

    Encoder signal between encoder and converter is tapped.

    Encoder is connected directly to the Speed Monitor.

    What speed monitors are able to do

    Safe monitoring of:


    • Standstill
    • Speed
    • Speed range
    • Direction


    • Shaft break
    • Belt misalignment
    • Slippage


    Even for different gear trains


    • Break control
    • Position
    • End position
    • Position range

    Safety Gateways with Safe Fieldbus Connection

    Safe speed monitoring in the drive

    Motors with integrated Speed Monitor and safe fieldbus connection easily controlled using our Safety Gateway:

    Of course Bihl+Wiedemann also offers Safety Gateways for combining with a Safe PLC (F-CPU):


    (Click to enlarge)

    Safety Gateway and frequency inverters with integrated Speed Monitor connected over a safe fieldbus.


    Safe speed and position monitoring with encoders

    Bottling plant

    Storage and retrieval system

    Machine tooling




    (Click to enlarge)

    Diagnostics over Fieldbus

    Safe speed monitoring in the gateway or module

    • 12 terminals on the integrated Safety Monitor freely configurable, e.g.:
      • 6 safe outputs plus 3 safe 2-channel inputs
      • 6 safe 2-channel inputs
      • Standard I/Os
      • Any combination thereof
    • Speed monitor on the local inputs
      • 3 axes 2-channel (SIL2, PLd)
      • 6 axes 1-channel (SIL1, PLc)

    Simple Connection

    Adapter modules for simple connection between the frequency inverter and encoder cable

    • Adapter for connecting 2 encoders
    • Inverter and encoder connection use screw terminals

    • Sub D cable adapter 9-pole/15-pole
    • Y-tap
    • Integrated RJ45/Mini IO connector cable


    Special assemblies on request

    Connecting cable, RJ45, mini-IO connector, connector-ferrules

    • RJ45 on RJ45
    • RJ45 on Mini-IO
    • Mini-IO on connector-ferrules
    • RJ45 on connector-ferrules

    Connection options Speed Monitor

    The Bihl+Wiedemann System

    • Interface to all common fieldbus systems
    • All diagnostic data available in the controller
    • Safety and standard signals
    • Up to 62 safe modules/head stations
    • Safe coupling of up to 31 head stations over standard Ethernet

    • Expandable via unshielded, 2-conductor cable
    • Safe and standard I/Os over the same cable
    • Decentralized installation possible

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