Speed Monitoring

Bihl+Wiedemann offers a variety of devices for safe speed monitoring. The video gives an overview of the functions, applications and interfaces of these modules.

Extremely Compact and Cost-Efficient

Safe Speed Monitors for Sensors/Initiators: Safety Basic Monitors

  • Autonomous compact safety controller
  • 4 × 2-channel safe inputs or standard inputs and status outputs
  • Speed monitor on the local inputs
    • 2 axes 2-channel (SIL2, PLd) or SIL3, PLe)
    • 4 axes 1-channel (SIL1, PLc)
  • Standstill monitor on the local inputs
    • 4 axes 2-channel (SIL2, PLd)
  • 2 safe electronic outputs
  • USB or Ethernet interface for configuration
  • Detailed diagnostics and shut-off history via software or control
  • Chip card for easy device exchange


And all in one unit with just 22.5 mm installation width

Speed monitoring with 2 sensors, monitor max. 2 axes

Speed monitoring with 1 sensor, monitor max. 4 axes

Speed monitoring in the Gateway

Maximum Functionality

Safe speed monitors for encoders

  • Monitor up to 2 axes, up to SIL3, PLe
  • For sine/cosine, SSI, TTL or HTL-Encoder
  • Detailed diagnostics and shut-off history via software
  • Chip card for easy device exchange
  • 22.5 mm width

    Devices with local safe outputs

    • 2 safe electronic outputs
    • Support of all safety functions acc. EN 61800-5-2
    • Any number of safety functions can be implemented
      • Possibility to configure several functions or same function with different parameters for each axis
      • Max. 128 devices configurable

    Encoder signal between encoder and converter is tapped.

    Encoder is connected directly to the Speed Monitor.

    What speed monitors are able to do

    Safe monitoring of:


    • Standstill
    • Speed
    • Speed range
    • Direction
    • Shaft break
    • Belt misalignment
    • Slippage


    Even for different gear trains

    • Break control
    • Position
    • End position
    • Position range

    Safety Gateways with Safe Fieldbus Connection

    Safe speed monitoring in the drive

    Motors with integrated Speed Monitor and safe fieldbus connection easily controlled using our Safety Gateway:

    Of course Bihl+Wiedemann also offers Safety Gateways for combining with a Safe PLC (F-CPU):


    (Click to enlarge)

    Safety Gateway and frequency inverters with integrated Speed Monitor connected over a safe fieldbus.


    Safe speed and position monitoring with encoders

    Bottling plant

    Storage and retrieval system

    Machine tooling




    (Click to enlarge)

    • Simple and intuitivediagnostic and configuration software Switch-off history
    • Configuration of I/O modules and speed monitors
    • Online diagnostics
    • Remote maintenance

    Diagnostics over Fieldbus

    Safe speed monitoring in the gateway or module

    • 12 terminals on the integrated Safety Monitor freely configurable, e.g.:
      • 6 safe outputs plus 3 safe 2-channel inputs
      • 6 safe 2-channel inputs
      • Standard I/Os
      • Any combination thereof
    • Speed monitor on the local inputs
      • 3 axes 2-channel (SIL2, PLd)
      • 6 axes 1-channel (SIL1, PLc)

    Simple Connection

    Adapter modules for simple connection between the frequency inverter and encoder cable

    • Adapter for connecting 2 encoders
    • Inverter and encoder connection use screw terminals
    • Sub D cable adapter 9-pole/15-pole
    • Y-tap
    • Integrated RJ45/Mini IO connector cable


    Special assemblies on request

    Connecting cable, RJ45, mini-IO connector, connector-ferrules

    • RJ45 on RJ45
    • RJ45 on Mini-IO
    • Mini-IO on connector-ferrules
    • RJ45 on connector-ferrules

    Connection options Speed Monitor

    The Bihl+Wiedemann System

    • Interface to all common fieldbus systems
    • All diagnostic data available in the controller
    • Safety and standard signals
    • Up to 62 safe modules/head stations
    • Safe coupling of up to 31 head stations over standard Ethernet
    • Expandable via unshielded, 2-conductor cable
    • Safe and standard I/Os over the same cable
    • Decentralized installation possible

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