This is how you extend your ASi line to 1,000 meters!

The combination of Advanced Repeaters and ASi Bus Terminations means that ASi networks can be extended cost-effectively up to 1,000 m for example. Apart from the independent power supplies, you only need one Master / Gateway for the complete ASi circuit.

Fig.1: Example of an ASi line extended to 1,000 m ( <a href="/–" target="NL"> click to enlarge )

Further options for flexible line extension

  • Splitting into several segments
  • Refreshing the signal using ASi Repeaters
  • Reflection signal attenuation using the ASi Bus Termination
  • ASi Tuner and ASi Diagnostic Tuner

Advantages of the line extension

  • Only one Master / Gateway required
  • Simple and cost-effective solution with an ASi Bus Termination
  • Possibility of bypassing areas distorted by EMC
  • Independent power supply thanks to galvanic separation
  • No configuration necessary
  • Simple installation in a control cabinet or in the field

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