Safe relay outputs can now be used anywhere in the field!

Our new Safety Relay in IP67 is available. For the first time ever, with BWU4379 you can now take advantage of safe relay outputs in any location within the field, exactly where you need them. The Safety Relay is equipped with an additional safe input, a standard input, and the ability to safely switch-off AUX via a relay path. This provides a broad range of software applications to choose from.

Key Application Scenarios

Fig.: Secure data exchange between two system parts with different ASi circuits and AUX potentials with two standard M12 cables (left). Creation of a safety-switched AUX branch using a cost-efficient passive distributor for passively safe switch-off of multiple nodes (right).

The New Safety Relay in More Detail

  • 1 safe relay output in protection class IP67
  • 1× 2-channel safe input
  • 1 standard input
  • Applications up to Category 4/PLe / SIL 3
  • Safe data exchange between system parts with different AUX potentials

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