Safely couple PROFIsafe and CIP Safety

Now it's really easy to connect the PROFIsafe and CIP Safety protocols – by safely coupling two ASi-3 gateways with integrated Safety Monitor via Ethernet and Safe Link technology.


The Gateway BWU3367 collects the safe signals from the PROFIsafe network, and the Gateway BWU3683 handles this in the CIP Safety network. By coupling via Safe Link the safe signals from both networks can also be used in the other network. Up to 16 bytes can be sent. 16 Byte not supported by all PLCs. In this case only up to 12 Byte can be exchanged.

Fig.: ASi-3 Gateway, PROFIsafe via PROFINET, with integrated Safety Monitor and Safe Link ( BWU3367 ), right: ASi-3 EtherNet/IP + Modbus TCP Gateway with integrated Safety Monitor and Safe Link ( BWU3683 )

Automatic configuration in ASIMON360

Safe coupling of the two gateways is implemented by automatic configuration in ASIMON360, the configuration software from Bihl+Wiedemann. All you need to do is select the gateways you wish to couple – everything else takes place in the background.

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