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ASi-5 Counter Module – transfer up to 4 x 16 bits in just 1.27 ms

With our new ASi-5 Counter Module with 4 quickly parametrizable counter inputs, ASi-5 can show its greatest strengths: large data size and short cycle times. The ASi-5 Counter Module transfers up to 4 × 16-bit counter values in just 1.27 ms. In the same time, up to 24 counter values of 16 bits each can be transferred in parallel via ASi. This allows new, faster applications to be implemented and to increase productivity in existing ones.


Convenient parameterization

Parameterization of the ASi-5 Counter Module via the Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suites is easy. The modules can be configured so that the values of the up to 4 single- or double-channel counters are updated in the control every 1.27 ms.


Saving costs

Compared to similar Ethernet-based solutions, you save money with the ASi-5 Counter Module. You benefit from all the proven ASi advantages: the drastically reduced wiring effort, the free choice of topology and the cost-effective integration of Safety on the same infrastructure, among others.


Compatible with all ASi generations

ASi-5 slaves and ASi-3 slaves can be used together on the same ASi network. To use the ASi-5 Counter Module, you need only an ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateway from Bihl+Wiedemann.

Fig.: ASi-5 Counter Module in IP67 (BWU4042)

ASi-5 Counter Module in detail:

  • Convenient parameterization via Bihl+Wiedemann Software Suites
  • 4 single- or double-channel counter inputs
  • Up to 4 × 16-bit counter values available in 1.27 ms
  • Cost savings compared to similar Ethernet-based solutions
  • Inputs supplied from ASi
  • IP67, M12 (BWU4042)

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