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IO-Link with Bihl+Wiedemann: Easy, Flexible & Cost-efficient

Do you already use the manufacturer-independent IO-Link interface to connect sensors and actuators to the control system level? Bihl+Wiedemann IO-Link solutions are user-friendly and cost-saving at the same time. With ASi-5, it is possible to integrate any IO-Link device into ASi and to configure it with up to 32 bytes of process data.


Simple and cost-effective IO-Link integration

The Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5 slave / IO-Link master is a cost-effective alternative to an IO-Link master with 4 ports and PROFINET interface. If ASi is already present in your system, our module makes sense right from the first IO-Link device. If you exclusively intend on putting together a collection of IO-Link components, our module pays off from approximately ten IO-Link devices.

IO-Link solution from Bihl+Wiedemann

IO-Link solution from other manufacturers

The advantages of IO-Link with Bihl+Wiedemann:

  • You can integrate significantly more IO-Link masters per Ethernet node and benefit from freely selectable topology
  • You only pay for as many IO-Link ports as you really need – because in addition to the 4-port IO-Link master we also offer you IO-Link masters with 1 and 2 ports
  • You benefit from easy integration of the IO-Link master via our configuration tool ASIMON360
  • You can combine our IO-Link masters optimally with IO-Link devices from various manufacturers
  • You save costs. Our IO-Link solutions are cheaper than comparable PROFINET solutions with at least three 4-port IO-Link masters


Would you like to know more about Bihl+Wiedemann IO-Link solutions? Find out everything about IO-Link and how you can reduce costs and assembly time in your application.

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