EtherNet/IP Master Simulator

The EtherNet/IP Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with EtherNet/IP paticipants of many suppliers.


EtherNet/IP Master Simulator: Installation


EtherNet/IP Master Simulators can exchange data with many EtherNet/IP participants without a EtherNet/IP master. Furthermore, the EtherNet/IP Master Simulators also enable the use of EDS files and the entry of special configurations for starting data exchange with EtherNet/IP participants. Identification, renaming and address assignment of EtherNet/IP participants is also possible.


EtherNet/IP Master Simulator: Application

EtherNet/IP Master Simulators - Product overview

Monitoring software

Figure Type Safety fieldbus Log function of I/O data Sending of acyclic data DLL Installation options Article No.
EtherNet/IP Master Simulator
CIP Safety
single-user license or floating license



EtherNet/IP Master Simulator - Application area and function description

Application area

  • Commissioning of EtherNet/IP participants
  • Test of in- and output data of EtherNet/IP participants


Function description

With the EtherNet/IP Master Simulator EtherNet/IP participants can be detected and configured on the network (participant name, IP configuration).

Advantages of the EtherNet/IP Master Simulator

  • Data exchange with EtherNet/IP participants from almost all manufacturers
  • Data exchange with EtherNet/IP participants without EtherNet/IP master
  • Use of EDS files


EtherNet/IP Master Simulator Plus

  • Supports additionally CIP-Safety modules
  • Supports a log function of the I/O data