Test our ASi PROFINET-Gateway – at the lowest price ever!

The switch from PROFIBUS to PROFINET is happening everywhere. With the ASi PROFINET Gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann the changeover can be made not only simply, but also at surprisingly low cost. Now you can test our ASi-3 PROFINET-Gateways in Stainless Steel for one ASi network. You will receive, for example, an ASi Power24V-capable Master with display for on-site diagnostics ( BWU2919 ).

Fig.: The ASi-3 PROFINET-Gateway, 1 ASi network, 1 ASi Master ( BWU2729 ), also available with integrated decoupling ( BWU2919).

ASi-3 PROFINET-Gateways, 1 ASi network, 1 ASi Master

  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • With display for on-site diagnostics


  • 1 ASi network
  • ASi Power24V-capable as ASi-3 Gateway with integrated decoupling ( BWU2919 ): Operation with standard 24V power supply also possible in case of a short network.
  • Integrated switch