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ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master – Simple Integration of Intelligent Sensors & Actuators

Our new ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master enables the simple integration of intelligent sensors and actuators – right where you need them. Just like all ASi-5 products, the module can be used together with ASi-3 components on your ASi network. You only need one ASi-5 / ASi-3 Gateway for parallel use.

Transfer of 32 Byte IO-Link Process Data

The new ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master has four IO-Link masters: 2 class A and 2 class B ports. In 5 ms, ASi can transmit a total of 32 bytes of IO-Link process data cyclically. And up to 32 bytes of process data can be configured at each master, e.g. for measuring current and voltage, for reading RFID tags and barcodes or for controlling valve terminals.

Fig.: ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master with 4 ports (BWU4067)

Convenient Parameter Assignment

Parameters can be assigned very easily through the Bihl+Wiedemann software suite. Even live parameter assignment is possible for intelligent sensors and actuators. The advantage: You can see straight away how updated settings take concrete effect and you can then optimize the configuration immediately if necessary.


Cost-effective Alternative

The ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master is a cost-effective alternative to a PROFINET slave / IO-Link master with 4 ports. If ASi is already present in your system, our module makes sense right from the first IO-Link device, which can be a sensor or actuator. If you only intend on putting together a collection of IO-Links, our module pays off from approximately ten IO-Link devices.

ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master with 4 Ports in Detail:

  • Convenient parameter assignment via Bihl+Wiedemann software suites
  • 4 × IO-Link master: 2 × class A, 2 × class B
  • Transmission of up to 4 × 16 Bit Process Data in 1,27 ms
  • Up to 32 bytes of cyclic process data
  • IP67, M12 (BWU4067)

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