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Plenty of ASi-5 for the Control Cabinet

One year has passed since we first introduced ASi-5. From that moment on the latest innovation level of AS interface has proven itself in practice.


Since ASi-5 was launched in the market, we have continuously expanded our product range – and now, besides numerous modules in IP67, we also offer a wide range of products for the control cabinet. These include:


Fig.: ASi-5 slave / IO-Link master with 4 ports, ASi-5 digital module, ASi-5 counter module (left to right)

IP20 product family has all the advantages of ASi-5

ASi-5 enables significantly faster transmission of larger data volumes. Thanks to a large data size and short cycle times – comparable to those of Ethernet systems – ASi-5 can handle much more application than it was previously possible. With our IP20 modules, you can enjoy all the advantages of ASi-5, for example, from the simple and cost-effective integration of various IO-Link devices into your system.

Compatible with all ASi generations

ASi-5 is compatible with earlier ASi devices and components. To use ASi-5 slaves and ASi-3 slaves together in an ASi network, you only need one Bihl+Wiedemann ASi-5/ASi-3 gateway.

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